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The galley, here you find the chefs, depending on the size of the yacht, the chef will either work alone or as part of a team. Depending on the size of the vessel you can have Sous Chef, Chef, Executive Chef positions too. This department does all the cooking for both guests and crew, as well as provisioning of food and looking after all the stocks in the fridges and freezers on board. This position is fast paced and can be a stressful environment, as often you will be informed of meal plans, guest requirements and number of guests eating at very short notice because they are the guests, and they are entitled to change their minds!

The Chefs normally come from a restaurant background and have good, well rounded knowledge of a variety of world cuisines, including awareness of dietary needs and as well as having their finger on the pulse of the latest dieting trends.

Chefs can work long hours, often up very early preparing breakfast before the guests awake, to cooking, provisioning and maintaining a pristine galley through the day and evening and also preparing trays of canapés and snacks to satisfy the partying guests that wish to stay up late. The Galley department could be preparing fine dining cuisine for 2-12 guests or catering a buffet and canapés for a party of a 100+ guests.

If you want to work in the galley as a Chef or Cook prior kitchen experience in high-end establishments would give you valuable experience, on a smaller vessel there can be combined, Cook/Stew or Deck/Cook roles. So any prior hospitality or sailing experience could make you a more desirable candidate for a combined galley role.