Our Success Stories

Viktoriia Paiul Service Stewardess

A friend recommended Yotspot to me, I'd been working in the cruising industry before and was already working on a yacht, then found my next job via Yotspot, where I was shortlisted a few times for Stewardess jobs onboard superyachts. I passed my interview and now I'm a Service Stewardess. Happily recommending Yotspot to my friends looking for jobs in the yachting industry. The job is great, I get to travel around, see different places, meet lots of famous people and I get huge job sat...

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Sean Modola Officer of the Watch

I started out as a Watersports Instructor, and I've worked my way up. My current job: Officer of the Watch on a 53M M/Y, on rotation so I get lots of time for myself. A bit different from those early days when I was always on the boat! I've found Yotspot a necessity for crew, it's easy to use and one of my favourite platforms. I've been in the industry 10 years and used Yotspot for about 7 of them, securing a job as Chase Boat Captain on 13/14M tenders back in 2013 which kept me super...

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Luke Murray 2nd Officer

Yotspot is the ultimate platform. It's super easy; the Facebook of the yachting world. With a similar scrolling layout, a ton of information and your own personal profile. Just add your CV, qualifications, courses, previous jobs, and it gives you a write up - the perfect reference to see where you are. All the agencies are linked to Yotspot too, as well as Heads of Department, so by clicking on all 3 you increase your chances of being seen. As soon as jobs go up, you see people app...

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Fenella Whyatt Relief Chef, Sole Chef & Head Chef

I've been in the industry for over 15 years, working as Chef on a diverse range of yachts. I always tell new crew about Yotspot, my favourite platform and main job search tool these days. It's easy to use and takes all the painstaking work out of profile updates. Owners/Captains can access your profile and check to see if you're a suitable candidate. I love being on the water. My parents were big sailors and grand-parents restauranteurs. A career that combines my love of the sea...

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Annette Louise Petrenko Chief Stewardess

I landed my first Yotspot job this year as 2nd Stewardess on a boss trip, having already been shortlisted for a few I couldn't fulfil because of travel restrictions. Yotspot is intriguing: you apply for many jobs and although you don't know who's looking at your profile or reading your applications, there's something working in your favour behind the scenes. I'm relatively new to the industry, having previously worked as a teacher. Being mature I thought my age would be a problem, bu...

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