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Cook/Crew Chef

Cook/Crew Chef
  • Job ID #562231
  • 70m (230ft) Motor Yacht
  • Starting 21st Jun 2018
  • United States
  • Rotational

Cook/Crew Chef

Cook/Crew Chef
  • Job ID #562018
  • 85m (279ft) Motor Yacht
  • Starting 20th Jul 2018
  • United States
  • Rotational

Cook/Crew Chef

Cook/Crew Chef
  • Job ID #560927
  • 80m (262ft) Motor Yacht
  • Starting 18th Jun 2018
  • Italy
  • Temporary

Cook/Crew Chef

Cook/Crew Chef
  • Job ID #554087
  • 100m (328ft) Motor Yacht
  • Starting 15th Jun 2018
  • Rotational
  • USD ($)3,800.00 Per Month
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Cook/Crew Chef

On larger yachts you will find a Crew Chef who’s dedicated responsibility is to cook for the crew, and if needs be will assist the Chef from time to time. You will have to be flexible to adapt to dietary requirements of the crew, provision for them and from time to time may have to assist with deck or stew duties.

Salary range

EUR 2500 to EUR 3000+ Per Month

Qualifications, training and skills required
  • • Food safety and hygiene certification
  • Not mandatory to have any formal qualifications or training, however any basic training or cooking qualifications would be advantageous
  • Prior restaurant experience as a cook/Chef
  • Food safety and Hygiene certification
  • Knowledge of food safety and storage
  • Basic knowledge of produce
  • An understanding of nutrition
  • Awareness of allergies
  • Provisioning
  • Ability to budget
  • An interest in the latest dieting trends
Extra desired training
  • Culinary training in various cuisines, pastry, chocolate
  • Ships Cooks Certificate
  • Powerboat level 2