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Yacht Aid Global

Yotspot is a proud supporter of YachtAid Global

YachtAid Global is the leader in facilitating yachting industry-wide engagement and collaboration for disaster, humanitarian and conservation initiatives across global coastal communities.

Their initiatives engage the yachting community's generosity and unique assets already in place to save lives, alleviate suffering, improve the planet, and build stronger coastal communities Their expertise in consultation, logistics and program management, coupled with their confidentiality and trust, enable members of the yachting community to execute altruistic activities effectively, seamlessly, and discreetly in regions across the globe which they cherish and enjoy.

Yacht owners, captains, and crew, who share in our values and mission, engage in disaster response activities, delivery of humanitarian aid, and participation in sustainable humanitarian and conservation initiatives. They also frequently spend time serving as volunteers on projects in the communities they visit.

For more information on how you can helpr or donate please email us at info@yachtaidglobal.org

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Superyacht Charities

Yotspot is a proud supporter of Superyacht Charities

Superyacht Charities was established in May 2015 by Derek Munro (Founder), Vanessa Hodgson, Kerry Pettitt, Ken Hickling and David Goldie. As of August 2022, Superyacht Charities has raised over £564,000 for good causes within the yachting industry and currently runs 5 annual events. These events attract over 1200 guests each year.

99% of all funds raised goes directly to the causes that need it the most. In addition, they maintain their “Cash 4 Causes” action fund, from which they make smaller ad-hoc payments to other charities and good causes throughout the year. This fund also exists to provide help to those who need it within our industry, with a focus on yacht crew.

Charities we have supported include:

  • Antibes Lifeboat
  • Oceans of Hope
  • Rona Sailing Project
  • Sail 4 Cancer
  • Save the Med Foundation
  • Shambhala Foundation
  • Team Endeavour Racing
  • Turn to Starboard
  • Wet Wheels Foundation
  • Yachting gives Back
  • Mission Gorda
  • Status Row
  • St Tropez Lifeboat
  • Bahamas Fund
  • Blind at Sea
  • Roseland Youth Sailing Trust

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