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Luke Murray

Luke Murray

Nationality: South African
Night Navigation Officer: 82M Superyacht ALPHA NERO
2nd Officer: 72M expedition vessel Cloudbreak

Yotspot is the ultimate platform. It's super easy; the Facebook of the yachting world. With a similar scrolling layout, a ton of information and your own personal profile. Just add your CV, qualifications, courses, previous jobs, and it gives you a write up - the perfect reference to see where you are.

All the agencies are linked to Yotspot too, as well as Heads of Department, so by clicking on all 3 you increase your chances of being seen. As soon as jobs go up, you see people apply.

The best bit about this job... visiting new countries, working with people of different cultures and nationalities, coming together as crew, it becomes family.

I realised pretty-quick I could progress, get my Officer of the Watch, double my salary, upgrade my position, earn respect on the boat. Getting to know the best spots to visit, saving money, and having time with your new family ie: crew.

The best spots to visit...

#1 - gotta' be the Caribbean. Antigua is such an awesome port, there's loads to do, the people are lovely, they're the nicest islands and it's super easy to get around.

#2 - The Galapagos Islands. Not many go there, but I was with an expedition vessel. We'd travelled from Fort Lauderdale, through the Panama Canal and up the US coastline to Mexico.
Amazing! One night we left the lights on (you're not supposed to) and in the morning, we woke up in our own little paradise; birds all over the boat and fish all around us.

I've been yacht's videographer too, so if you have another skill that's useful.

The best tips... keep your head, don't do drugs and try not to be shy, network and speak to agents.

If I was a newbie now, I'd go onto Yotspot, scroll jobs, look up all the agencies, make a list of them, and email them and the Yotspot team for advice; they're virtually all ex-crew and super helpful.

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