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Yotspot Launches Jobs Ashore

Launching shore-based jobs in the superyacht industry.

There is an abundance of career opportunities in the yachting industry and you don’t need to be located at sea, far from home, to make the most of them. But where do you go to find them and how do you land them?

Come to Yotspot!

We’ve extended our jobs platform to include any land-based job that services the yachting industry, anywhere in the world. 

As Yotspot founder Steve explains “we wanted to connect both sides of the industry, off and on-shore, there’s currently not much signposting for shore-based marine jobs online, so we’ve created a ‘one-stop-shop’ for maritime jobs.”

To whet your appetite, just this morning there are jobs being advertised for Yacht Management, Butler, Design Engineer, Yacht Sales Broker, Technical Manager, Project Manager, Housekeeping Stewardess, Chef and Interior Designer, and that’s just a handful.  The jobs listings are constantly changing, so take a look for yourself!

It’s really easy to search too, simply go to Jobs, then take a look down the right-hand filter panel, select Shore Based from the filter Vessel/Shore Based Type, click X to close the window, then simply click the blue button Filter Results and the current listings will appear.

A little preview of each position will pop up including a Job ID number, start date, salary and whether or not it’s a permanent position, click View Job to find out where in the world the job is located, the job spec, what languages, visas and qualifications are required and apply!

If you love this industry but don’t love working at sea or you’re just not getting the variety or career progression you crave why not take a look at our shore-based opportunities today!

The Yotspot team are on hand to offer career progression advice for yachting jobs but also let you know what kind of courses are available.

Good luck with your jobs search and get in touch if you have any questions or need a hand.

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