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Following the mammoth success of the reality TV series ‘Below Deck’ the yachting industry has witnessed a huge influx of people wanting to get jobs as crew.  The perceived glamour and excitement of each episode, with drama amongst crew members on board charter yachts, those featured through 2017 measuring 150 feet and larger.   Although there has been a direct increase in charter bookings amongst those yachts featured, there has also been supposedly a 100% increase in guys and gals wanting some of that extravagant lifestyle. 

A recently qualified bosun on board superyachts explained, “the reality is far less exciting, whereas you might see 20 different storylines in one episode, in reality you’d have to work an entire season before any of that drama plays out.  There’s no doubt it’s had an impact though, we’ve seen a massive influx of newbies into the industry in recent years.”

“Newbies come in expecting to be paid unrealistic entry salaries too, whereas a deckhand’s starting salary might be 1,800 euros a month, with a Junior Deckhand earning 2,500, some of these newbies are coming in expecting 4,000 euros a month, with no experience, no knowledge, no sea time! It’s just not going to happen!”

“With so many people desperate for work, it encourages many to work for less, so it drives down the salary benchmark, which in turn means quality of work standards drop.”

“The biggest problem is when newbies get sucked into the money, going out, drinking, putting more energy into the partying than the work.   Remember, this industry is small, we’re a tight network.  Word gets out if you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd, you can get labelled by association, even if you haven’t done anything wrong.  So, don’t let that ruin your employment chances when the opportunities are yours for the taking.”

TOP TIP:  “Newbies should 100% expect to work hard, once you’ve got that sussed, you’ll go far.”

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