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Cleaning up Teak

Teak can be tricky to keep spotless. Whether it's the deck or furnishings, it can be difficult to keep the teak looking pristine, especially if it's a table and your guests unintentionally spill food or drinks during dinner.  Even if the teak gets thoroughly wiped down afterwards, oily food will leave it's oily calling card!  However delicious, any food that's either cooked in oil or contains oil and then lands on the deck is susceptible to mark. Teak is notorious for retaining oil stains, so here's a little run down of how to get rid of those tiresome blotches:

1) Grab yourself a box of washing powder (doesn't matter which brand) and vinegar (again, doesn't matter which brand) - they're great for the job, gentle but with a touch of acidity to remove marks left by water, oil, food, cheese or wine etc.

2) Grab yourself both hard and soft wash cloths, a hose and deck squidgy

3) Wash down the teak surface with water from the hose

4) Firstly grab the washing powder

5) Sprinkle the washing powder granules straight on to the teak surface

6) Wash more water over the top of the surface

7) Use the harder cloth and run against the grain, so as not to scratch the teak and rub it down all over the surface, a couple of times (remember, if you use the hard cloth in the direction of the grain, the bits can catch and scratch the teak! Don't do it!)

8) You'll see a layer of wood pulp start to collect on the surface

9) Pick up your soft brush and rub in the with the grain, the bristles will gently get into the grooves and remove all of the muck

10) Brush the surface with the water, and hose off again

11) Get your deck squidgy and remove the layer of excess water, so the teak starts to dry

12) Your teak surface should be free of oil marks and look lovely and clean, but still slippery, slightly soapy to the touch

13) Now grab some vinegar and sprinkle it over your surface

14) Get the soft cloth and rub down the teak

15) Remember to wash off with water and remove any excess with the deck squidgy.

16) Leave to dry

17) Hey presto! Lovely clean teak!

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