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Accounting & Finance

Although an onshore role, a yachts accounting and finance department looks after all on-board financial operations, including wages, currency exchange, cost control and is responsible for all financial reports. All money that is spent on-board has to go through the account books, which the accounting and financial department must check, maintain and scrutinise if needed.

Positions within accounting and finance teams include, accountants, finance managers, accounts administration, finance analysts and finance controllers. A typical day may involve checking invoices and making payments, handling overtime and other expenses, and managing the yachts incomings and outgoings.


Accountancy is a highly skilled job, and as such experience is vital. Most accounting positions require a degree (or equivalent) qualification and must be up to date with the latest processes. Staff must be able to keep up with the high paced environment, as well as deal with the heavy workloads associated with accounts.

Applicants to a yachts accounting role should have good organisational and mathematical skills, and must be a good communicator. Proficiency in the latest accountancy software and any other practical skills is usually also desired.

For entry level positions, a GCSE education is usually satisfactory as full training will be provided. Applicants must show an interest in finance and mathematics, while experience in an office environment and good communications skills is also beneficial.