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Chase Boat Captain in United States Position Filled


  • Start Date: 25th Nov 2020
  • Job ID #1200765
  • Posted by: Captain

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We are currently looking for a large tender captain for a 53 HCB and a 40-foot Safeboat/ Yacht Deck crew- the job will be starting at the end of November.
The candidate must be licensed Capt/yacht master that is well qualified with extensive experience in large tender/boat operations, maintenance, and deliveries. The job will also entail being a full-time deckhand, watch standing and you will need to understand yacht deck operations/maintenance. The position will require the candidate to run the large tenders at an extremely high proficiency level, be self-motivated, require meticulous maintenance of the tenders and yacht, capable of navigation and offshore runs, safety minded.
Applicant must have a CURRENT US Visa B1/B2 or be a US citizen. We are looking for QUALITY hardworking individual, must be able to pass a drug test and be a professional in all aspects of working aboard a yacht. If you are interested in being considered for this crew position, I would like to get your feedback on the following questions please:

• What qualification certificates do you hold? • What is the furthest distance you have navigated a vessel? • can you show proficiency in weather and route planning? • How much time have you handled a large tender or vessel up to 60 foot? • What is your favorite onboard job and your least favorite job? • What are your strongest attributes? • What would you like to be taught to feel more comfortable as Capt? • Do you understand basic navigation? • what is your mechanical and maintenance experience? • Tell me about your best boating experience. • Tell me about your worst yachting experience • How are your sea legs? • What was something you did wrong onboard and how did you deal with it? • Have you dealt with kids onboard? • what is your favorite meal? • Are you vegan or anything else? • do you cook much? • What salary amount are you looking for? • Where are you currently located? • When would you be available? • Why do you want to apply for this job?


  • Vessel Size38m (125ft)
  • Vessel TypeMotor Yacht
  • Charter/PrivatePrivate
  • Position TypePermanent Position
  • Current LocationUnited States, Southern Florida
  • Cruising ItineraryWorldwide/TBC
  • HomeportUnited States, US East Coast
  • Yachting Experience5+ years
  • Looking for Team/CoupleNo
  • Posted 12th Nov 2020 by Captain

Language & Visas

  • English Fluent
  • VisasB1/B2
  •  Homeport
  •  Destination
  •  Current Location