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STCW 95 (STCW 2010)

Building 2079 Nabasan PierNaval Magazine AreaSubic Bay Freeport Zone2222 PHILIPPINE

  • Price: USD ($)750 (Inc VAT if applicable)

Course Details

  • School IDESS
  • Location Building 2079 Nabasan PierNaval Magazine AreaSubic Bay Freeport Zone2222 PHILIPPINE
  • All Dates Please contact us for dates and availability
  • Duration 8 day(s)
  • Accommodation Included No


The course syllabus covers the mandatory minimum requirements prescribed in Regulation VI/1, and Section A-VI/1 of the STCW Convention and Code 1978, as amended.


Trainees who successfully complete the course will be able to demonstrate the required minimum standard of competence set out in the STCW Convention and Code 1978, as amended.:

Table A-VI/1-1 for personal Survival Techniques,

Table A-VI/1-2 for Fire prevention and Fire Fighting,

Table A-VI/1-3 for Elementary First Aid and

Table A-VI/1-4 for personal Safety and Social Responsibilities.

Course Outline:

•Survival at Sea in the event of ship abandonment ?Types of emergency situations.

?Training and drills - emergency preparedness - evacuation procedures.

?Use of equipment in survival craft and rescue boats.

?personal life-saving appliances - their location and use.

?principles of survival at sea - actions to take when in water and survival craft.

?Emergency radio equipment - Helicopter assistance.

•Fire prevention and fire-fighting ?Shipboard fire-fighting organisation.

?Theory of fire - types and sources of ignition - fire hazards - spread of fire.

?Classification of fire and applicable extinguishing systems.

?Fire detection and alarm systems.

?Fixed fire-extinguishing systems.

?Use of portable fire-extinguishing equipment.

?Use of protective equipment for fire-fighters - fireman's outfit - SCBA.

?Fire-fighting methods - exercises extinguishing fires, using various types of portable extinguishers and water, using jet/spray nozzles.

•Elementary First Aid ?General principles - assessment of casualties and threats to own safety.

?Body structure and functions.

?positioning of casualty.

?The unconscious casualty - resuscitation.

?Bleeding and wounds.

?Management of shock.

?Burns and scalds.

?Rescue and transport of casualties.

?Bandages and use of first aid emergency kit.

•Safe working practices.

•precautions to prevent pollution of the marine environment.

•Understanding orders and being understood in relation to shipboard duties.

•Contributing to effective human relationships on board ships.

Entry Standards:

This course is open to both prospective and serving seafarers. They should be certified to be in good health.


8 days

Course Fee:



Building 2079 Nabasan PierNaval Magazine AreaSubic Bay Freeport Zone2222 PHILIPPINE

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