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STCW 95 (STCW 2010)

17.015065, -61.768967

  • Price: USD ($)1,175 (Inc VAT if applicable)

Course Details

  • School Ondeck Antigua
  • Location 17.015065, -61.768967
  • All Dates Please contact us for dates and availability
  • Duration 5 day(s)
  • Accommodation Included No

MCA approved STCW 10 Basic Safety

RYA First Aid Course

MCA STCW10 CoursE (Formerly STCW95)

It is now a requirement for all crew on most SuperYachts to complete the STCW Basic Safety Training Week, and if held together with the Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence, you can now apply for the STCW 10 Yachtmaster 200 Tonnes.

At Ondeck, we teach these courses in a way that can be put into practice in your own working environment. The STCW 10 / MCA Basic Safety Training week fulfils the requirements as laid down by the STCW 10 convention and the MCA, and comprised of:

> 1 day Personal Survival Techniques

> 1 day Elementary First Aid

> Half day Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

> 2.5 day Fire prevention and Fire Fighting


Personal Survival Techniques (1 day)

Gives you the introduction of what to do should you ever need to abandon ship and take to the liferaft. The course covers basic survival afloat, what to take with you and how to best survive whilst awaiting rescue. The practical part of the course, takes part in the pool where you will don on a lifejacket and practice your skills in and out of the liferaft.You will be required to wear your swim suit, shorts and Tshirt or track suit bottoms, whilst completeing the pool session. Please bring a towel.

Elementary First Aid (1 day)

Provides you with a basic awareness of injuries commonly found among the crew or guest: cuts, bumps, bruises as well as increasing awareness of classic on the water symptoms such as Hypothermia, Mal de Mer ( sea sickness) and rope burns. You may be asked to take to the floor for the recovery positioning so be prepared to get involved.

Personal Social and Safety Responsibility & Personal Security Awareness.

(PSSR and PSA) ½ day

All sounds very serious for those who have never found themselves living in close proximity with others and in areas of the world where traditions/cultures and security is of importance. This course gives you an over view of how to respect your crew mates and understand the possible vulnerability of being the foreigner and keeping you, the crew and the vessel you're on safe.

Fire prevention and Fire Fighting (2½ Days)

We can't make you into fire fighters in just a few days but we can help you protect your vessel and crew with some exciting scenario training and real fire training. This element will give you a greater understanding of how to manage a fire, don on Breathing Apperatus while safely extinguishing any fire found. For this course we recommend you wear long sleeved tops and tracksuit bottoms and that you don't mind smelling of smoke, all other equipment will be provided.

Ondeck Antigua

17.015065, -61.768967

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