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Yotspot speaks to Shore Side Pursers

Yotspot: So Shore Side Pursers, we would love to hear about your new business.

Khara; Shore Side Pursers: Shore Side Pursers is a new business whereby we can achieve all admin related tasks remotely for
any yacht. We can cover the period when captains/pursers are on their vacation time or take over
the full purser role remotely. We can tailor our services to each individual yacht program

Yotspot: So how did this business concept come about?

Sophie; Shore Side Pursers: This idea materialized when we were both executing the purser position. From our own experience
as well as others, often, the purser would be inundated with overflow work whilst on their vacation

What we came to realise, was that we were able to complete all administrative tasks remotely when
having certain documentation – saving the yacht, time, money, cabin space and medical insurance.
If we can manage the job role shore based, the yacht can then use these savings and time to invest
into other areas of the vessel.

Yotspot: Please explain how you think you can save time and a bit about your systems?

Sophie; Shore Side Pursers: Once SSP have received all classified documents and paperwork, we will have direct contact with
HODs for accounts, sourcing flights, doctors, restaurants, itineraries, etc.
We can achieve these tasks quicker than we would onboard (tried and tested) as we do not have to
deal with the vast communication, crew, guests and daily logistical planning. Alleviating the
captain/officers/chief stew of these certain duties, so they can focus on the running of the yacht in
more detail. We will communicate constantly and be on standby for the yacht for whatever they
may need.

Another point to add, the yacht can establish systems whereby they initially give crew our contact
details. The crew can then contact us for holidays, medical insurance, flights, again with SSP keeping
in comms with whoever necessary onboard, to make sure everyone is in the know.
Again, alleviating administration that would normally be carried out onboard.

Yotspot: If a yacht needs to leave right away, going from one destination to the other, how would this be
dealt appropriately from your side?

Khara; Shore Side Pursers: Firstly, we would find the recommended agent at the arrival destination, get all required paperwork
needed, send to HODs and confirm whether they have received it.
Make them fill out and scan back, we can then check over to see if this is all correct so that the
captain doesn't need to worry about errors. We will then send to the captain/ first officer (whoever
is dealing with this) once all complete and they can then print and sign. Like stated, we will be here
on standby for whatever the yacht requires at the time.

Yotspot: What would you say to captains that insist you need a purser onboard?

Sophie; Shore Side Pursers: Technology is advancing so quickly these days and with the help of WhatsApp, emails and the good
old telephone, we are reachable 24/7. What is the difference of speaking in a voice note compared
to speaking to someone directly, apart from a physical person being there?
Whether it be arranging port clearance or agents, itineraries for last minute arrival destinations, I
want to emphasise that we are contactable 24/7 every day of the week.
Another point to make, you can utilise our service 24/7, unlike a purser who does need some sleep
sometimes. It is a matter of adjusting the systems slightly, but once implemented, it’s a total positive all round.

Yotspot:If you were to name 3 key benefits Shore Side Pursers Ltd can offer, what would they be?

Khara; Shore Side Pursers: Time, money, alleviation of stress. I know from experience, admin is very time consuming, to
alleviate this from a yacht, to enable it to function more smoothly for guest operations is our main -
focus entirely, along with the potential of saving a lot of money.

Yotspot: Thank you for making us aware of this innovative new business venture and we wish you all the

Khara; Shore Side Pursers: Thank you for listening we really appreciate you speaking with us, please check out our website for
more info as well as our social media pages.





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