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MARITIME LABOUR CONVENTION, 2006: Food and Catering: Recognised qualifications in f ood hygiene or food safety in catering for Ship's Cooks and others processing food in the galley

1. Introduction

1.1Under the MLC Minimum Requirements Regulations all Ships Cooks, catering staff and other persons processing food in the galley are required to be suitably qualified in Food hygiene or Food safety in catering.

2. Training requirements for catering staff and other persons processing food in the galley. (Regulation 40)

2.1The ship owner must ensure that the ships cook and any person who processes food in the galley of a sea going United Kingdom ship is required to be properly trained or instructed in food and personal hygiene as well as safe handling and storage of food on board ship in accordance with the learning outcomes and assessment criteria set out in Annex 1 of Merchant Shipping Notice MSN 1846 (M)

MIN 479 (M) Maritime Labour Convention, 2006: Food and Catering; Recognised Courses for Ships' Cooks for Food Hygiene or Food Safety in Catering

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