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Galapagos islands as a yachting destination

1 March 2012, Galapagos Islands.  Exotic destinations around the globe rather than the traditional ones are now days more desirable by luxury travelers. Exotic destinations are getting more inquiries than ever before; most of those destinations had set eyes on the yacht charter industry, among them the Galapagos Islands.

Located on the Equator in the vast Pacific Ocean, the archipelago has a unique and fragile ecosystem. No other destination compares to the Galapagos Islands due to their status as a National Park and Marine Reserve completely protected by the government of Ecuador, who has kept the 90% of this paradise untouched by human's settlements and pollution.

Yacht Charters in the Galapagos are starting to be very popular as an option to spend a memorable vacation with family and friends where they can enjoy nature in its purest state. Galapagos Yacht Charters are frequently booked from December to May and in special dates like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. However the weather in this part of the world is very benign throughout the year.  Since the archipelago is sitting on the equator, visitors can enjoy good conditions at any given time.

The regulations set by the Ecuadorian Government and the Galapagos National Park are aim to conservation and to protect the local human population economy. Therefore, the Yachts that are allow to cruise the islands and do tourism activities must have Ecuadorian flag with a special permit for this activity. Most of the yachts based in the islands are for sixteen passengers and they must have an Ecuadorian crew onboard. These regulations had kept big cruise line companies from exploiting the unique destination, but also from the luxury yachting industry. 

Today super yachts can only visit the Galapagos Islands under special conditions and permits given by the Galapagos National Park & Ecuadorian government; they cannot do commercial charter activities. This situation leaves us with the local fleet operating in the Islands; most of the vessels have been constructed in mainland Ecuador-Guayaquil. All of them comply with the highest security standards set by the international marine organization and the Ecuadorian navy. They operate under different categories from luxury to economic class. Guayaquil is the main Ecuadorian Harbor; the city has a close relation with the maritime industry. Yacht construction is in constant evolution new yachts are being built for tourism purposes with the latest technologies, this means the Galapagos Islands local Fleet will keep evolving into more efficient, environmental friendly and luxurious Yachts available for upcoming charters.

Chartering a yacht in the Galapagos requires special care in selecting the right yacht for your cruise, companies like www.galapagosluxurycharters.com offer the most exclusive yachts operating at the Galapagos Islands and will personalized the service onboard with a special staff who will make sure service is up to the highest standards.

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