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Are all yacht jobs exciting?

Are all yacht jobs exciting? 

You may read that all yacht jobs are exciting and full of fun but you have to be realistic in your expectations. Not all yacht jobs are exciting as you may hope. When looking at working on a superyacht you have to realise that every job is different. Whether you are a Captain, a Stewardess or a day worker, all yacht jobs are different. 

Every position on board will have highs and lows. The rewards are there to be had when working on a superyacht but you have to take the rough with the smooth. You have to be prepared to work hard, long hours as crew. Owners and guests can be demanding. One thing that all yacht jobs have in common when starting work in the superyacht industry is that your role will involve a lot of cleaning! As crew you will spend hours upon hours (even days) of washing, polishing and detailing. Owners and guests pay a high price and expect all yachts to be kept to a high standard. This may not be the most exciting and rewarding part of working on a superyacht but it’s the price you pay to travel to fantastic locations and earn a good wage.  

All yacht jobs can give you the potential to save money, see the world and experience life with a large disposable income. Only people willing to work hard and take the role seriously should consider this industry. All yacht jobs can give you a chance to save for that house deposit or simply live better than you could afford at home. If you speak to people in the industry, some will tell you all yacht jobs are like golden hand cuffs. Working on a superyacht pays well but you have to sacrifice a lot. Time away from home, family and friends. You will miss birthdays, weddings and special occasions. The hardest part can be missing out on witnessing loved ones growing up. Once accustomed to the life that all yacht jobs can bring its very hard to leave the industry and take a lower paid job “back home”. 

If you are willing to make the sacrifice, the superyacht industry can bring many rewards, financial success and a lifelong rewarding career. If you decide on making the jump, we are here to help. 

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