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Yotspot talks to SeaWives.com

In April last year Jo and Louise Hammond (sisters-in-law) launched their website www.seawives.com.  It is a free online magazine and forum for the partners, wives, husbands and family members of this working away at sea.

Jo and louise are married to 2 brothers who are both Officers in the Merchant Navy.  "We felt that there was no common ground for people that live this weird yet wonderful life and that it is important for people to come together that understand the highs and the lows of this lifestyle, as we are all in the same boat!  We wanted to create a fun, positive yet supportive area for people to come together."  

The magazine offers articles to cover all areas fromhealth and lifestyle to business and legal.  We are always looking for new writers for the magazine so if their is a topic, book or area in which you have expertise please contact us on info@seawives.com  

The last 12 months has been amazing and the support we have received both nationally and internationally has been phenomenal.  seawives.com are finalists in the best new small business for Cardiff Regional business awards which was unexpected but very much appreciated.  Finals are on 7th April so fingers crossed!  

The biggest achievement this year, other than seeing the forum grow and our members getting to know each other, was to receive funding from the Sailor Society to develop and launch the Seawives app.  This means the forum will be immediately accessible and compatible for both Android and IOS.  The app will be launching in June alongside Seafarers Awareness week and with their full support.  

Everybody is welcome to join as the website and app is all inclusive of all seafaring industries, irrelevant of rank or gender and it is completely free to join!  

We work with several sponsors some of which offer our members special deals or at least provide relevant advice knowing that sometimes legal and business issues are difficult to deal with when your other half is on a boat the other side of the world.    

We support many seafaring charities and Jo is running the London Marathon for Seafarers UK on the 24th April this year.  She is trying to raise £1500 and all donations welcome on her Just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/Joanne-Hammond8  

Yotspot have been supporting seawives.com since we launched and we would love for you all to continue spreading the word to your friends and family and continue to support us.       

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