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The Threatening Condition of Australia's Great Barrier Reef

9 November 2011 - One of the most priceless wonders of this world is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and we should all be thankful to have such a beautiful place. However, Australian and Queensland Government are not doing a great job to protect the largest coral reef on this planet. Even the WWF group can see that UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has failed on safeguarding the reef’s health from the LNG processing plants and the huge scourging operations near it.

WWF Spokesperson, Sean Hoobin says: “The World Heritage Committee, the independent umpire, has red-carded Australia’s development approval process. I think many Australians would find this embarrassing.”
Australian Marine Conservation Society also feels the same way about WWF. AMCS has openly shared how disappointed they are with the government’s mismanagement of Australia’s priceless possession. The 1979 ban on Oil Drilling within the Great Barrier Reef should be enough to ensure the safety and protection of the reef from the development of mining companies. Years after the ban was passed, the impact of the mining industries has severely damage and affected the reef’s condition.
AMCS has been doing its best to protect the reef for 4 decades now that also includes the total ban on oil mining and the damaging exploration in the Marine Park. Now that this huge issue concerning Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has been raised, the World Heritage Committee has asked for a broad strategic assessment of the whole reef that may further make a huge impact on the World Heritage Values.
It is quite disappointing to see that a precious place such as the Great Barrier Reef is now being debated to which is right and wrong. It will be acceptable if every member of Australia’s Government and its people show enough concern for its safety and health.
Strategies should be made to protect not just its beauty but also the marine life and species populating the reef. A lot of things should be considered in able to come up with the right and best solution with the threatening of the reef’s condition.
We should all not wait when things are too late to rebuild the reef, protection and consideration for its safety is the best solution for this rising dilemma.