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The Superyacht Gym - Improve your fitness, in style.

Fingers crossed the magnitude of the Coronavirus pandemic is receding as we learn to live in a cleaner and healthier way. Mindful to limit the spread of the virus, we now need to focus on our own health, fitness, strength and well-being.

So, with health and wellness top of mind, we approached Gym Marine Yacht & Interiors, the luxury gym designers who specialise in the design and build of jaw-droppingly beautiful gyms onboard superyachts, to find how high net worth individuals keep fit onboard superyachts, what sort of gym equipment they’re using and why.

With their work predominantly dedicated to building permanent gyms onboard superyachts for owners, charter guests wanting temporary treadmills, spin bikes or weights, or smaller scale gyms for crew, we asked Gym Marine how trends have changed over recent months.

“As specialist wellness designers, we’ve seen gym design become a bit of an art form, with users demanding their favourite gym equipment from their luxury yacht duplicated at home, the office or in their favourite hotel.  They want the same gym experience in all of those places and with an increased awareness of wellness and the move towards working from home, we’ve seen more and more requests for home-based gyms in the UK.”

With a typical superyacht new build, the gym is normally one of the last things to be constructed.  So, Gym Marine work closely with interior designers and/or the shipyards to design and install it, explaining in more detail; “the builder/designer might have an idea in mind, perhaps an outdoor pit where they might want a treadmill, rowing machine but have no preference or knowledge of which products are the most reliable, durable and aesthetically suited to the surroundings.  That’s where we come in.”

Gym Marine recommend, supply and install beautiful, specialist gym equipment. Equipment worthy of its place on a superyacht sundeck.

But there are a few things they have to consider first…

  • Height of the space, height of the machine and height of gym users.We work with interior designers or the shipyard to design the space to suit the equipment choice, either by adding ceiling height or lowering the floor accordingly.
  • What’s the accessibility like and does that impact on what equipment can be installed?  Will the gym be up on the deck or below deck for the crew to use?
  • Location. Inside or outside?  As gym designers we have to think about the location of the gym and whether equipment will need to be weather-proof.  Will it be used outdoors?  If the design requires it, once those bi-fold doors are pushed back, gym users can exercise on the sundeck, looking out across the ocean.  We’ll recommend equipment that will fare better than others, once exposed to harsh weather and sea spray elements. Easy for the crew to clean and not prone to rust.
  • Floor Space. Space is always an issue when designing a gym onboard a superyacht, so we recommend gym equipment that’s space-saving, extremely high-quality functioning, beautiful, available in a range of finishes that complement the environment. 
  • Gym flooring depends on preferred activities. It needs to complement the superyacht finishes but also be aesthetically pleasing, durable and suitable for users who prefer weights, HIIT classes, protecting both equipment and user.  Gym flooring onboard superyachts comes in all kinds of finishes, and it’s not your average gym flooring! We often choose a beautiful wood effect which complements the rest of the superyacht finish and flooring.
  • Gym Users. Equipment and build design very much depends on the users. Is the gym a permanent-build for owners and guests, a more temporary fixture for charter guests or on a slightly smaller scale for crew?  Superyacht owners and captains are tending more and more to the overall health and wellbeing of their crew, so keeping fit is a big part of that. Hence the increasingly popular crew gym.

For more information or to ask a question visit Gym Marine and for details of Gym Marine’s Top 10 Luxury Superyacht Gym Picks read our latest blog.

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