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The 1 Million Burpee Challenge. Yotspot speaks to Purser Sarah Green from MY Talitha about the latest craze sweeping the yachting industry.

YS: So what's this all about Sarah?

SG: Our aim is to get yachts to join us for one month and commit to X burpees so we can reach the target of 1 million. yachts that are prepared to say that they support the need for change with regards to waste (water/ fuel/ packaging/ recycling etc) within the industry. Hence the #whatnot2waste. The easiest way to see what we are doing is by looking on Instagram... Whatnot2waste and by the #whatnot2waste, facebook page and website are very much coming soon. Instagram is best way to keep up with us at the moment and we will put all notifications up there.  

It is still in its early stages- but Nahlin Signed up in February and Dragonfly/ April and Butterfly have signed up for March. Talitha Crew have been managing an impressive 40- 44 000 –pr month since Jan and we are aiming to do 50 000 in March (watch this space… Burpees are not easy!) At the same time we are researching/ promoting environmental awareness so that hopefully in the future marinas/ yards etc offer recycling. We are hoping to also make provisioners more aware of their packaging and to hopefully reduce our consumption of plastic.

If you would like to get fit and do your bit to help the environment email Purser@mytalitha.com

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