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The 3 boats-in-1 Van Diemen Sports Limousine super yacht tender

With the top and glass down, the Sports Limousine is free to travel quickly and store neat...

With the top and glass down, the Sports Limousine is free to travel quickly and store neatly

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The all-new Sports Limousine from Tasmania's Van Diemen Luxury Crafts joins the swelling legion of convertible, multi-use boats that includes the sports coupe-styled Revolver 44 GT and the Kormoran super-transformer. The Sports Limousine goes a step beyond the basic electric hard-top convertible, adding an electrically raised glasshouse to create three distinct body styles for a myriad of on-water uses. It's a cozy fishing boat, a roomy, semi-enclosed limousine, and a compact tender in one.

The key component of the Sports Limousine's design is its electrically activated roof, which rises and drops into position by way of hydraulic arms. In the boat's most open configuration, the roof panel rests atop the gunwale, covering the interior cabin and providing a low, streamlined shape. Van Diemen says this configuration is ideal for transiting at speed and maintaining clear visibility. The compact 6.6-ft (2-m) height is also handy for storage in smaller spaces that lack the room for a high roof, such as inside a yacht's tender bay or in a home garage.

The raised windows add protection without blocking views outside

The roof can be lifted partially, sealing around the electrically-raised, wraparound glasshouse to create a covered cabin space. This limousine configuration gives shelter to up to eight passengers on the cozy sofas while also offering panoramic views of the water and shore. The captain and co-captain take the helm outside the covered cabin.

Fully deploy the roof and the Sports Limousine shields the center console with a full sun shade, perfect for fishing or diving. The windows can be retracted to provide a breezy, open-air layout or raised partially or fully to offer side protection from wind and weather. The conversions take mere seconds, allowing the captain to quickly adapt to changing weather, water conditions and passenger preferences.

Van Diemen Sports Limousine

Van Diemen introduced the Sports Limousine last September and offers the craft in various sizes from 5.5 m (18 ft) on up, starting at AU$150,000 (approx. US$114,000) . The model listed on its website is a 7.5-m (24-ft) variant and uses a 260-hp diesel duo prop stern drive to hit speeds up to 35 knots (65 km/h). Equipment and options include a bow thruster, hydraulic steering, a Raymarine E 165 chart plotter, teak decking, a toilet, a refrigerator, LED lighting and a Fusion sound system. The boat has a listed dry weight of 5,950 lb (2,700 kg). Van Diemen tells us that the demo 7.5-m model lists at AU$350,000 (approx. US$266,000).

Van Diemen offers a variety of customization opportunities, including a choice between aluminum or composite construction, personalized styling, and a number of engines, jet drives and hybrid propulsion systems. It's also started design work on an electric-driven day boat with three-in-one convertible system.

Watch the Sports Limousine's convertible system in action in the video below to get an idea of what life aboard is like.

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