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Superyacht Water Toys 2016

Every year, companies are eager to promote their newest toy gadgets that will hopefully attract the rich and famous. Their best oppurtunity to do this is at the Monaco Yacht Show which is the main event where luxury yachts, yacht designers, high end manufacturers and the ultimate brokerage houses show their faces. Some of these toys have already been on the market but they have been updated and give 'water toys' a new unique look. Here are the top picks!

1. Killer Whale Seabreacher

How would you like to ride inside of an Orca? This is the vessel of a beautiful whale that is actually similar in size and scale to the real thing. The seabreacher has a large tail, a more rounded off nose, new pectoral fins and a taller dorsal fin. The boat will now be able to do an 180 degree flip as the rear tail is now larger. They come with the standard 255hp supercharged engine and has an upgraded 300hp engine kit which will allow it to reach speeds of up to 55mph on the water. This fantastic toy was actually custom built for a billionaire's yacht in Abu Dhabi. Also, the Seabreacher Y was designed by Innespace with the intention of putting on aquatic shows and displays, thats why the vessel comes with grab handles and riding pegs as it allows the trained stuntsman to ride on the back and perform similar tricks you would see in the real world. Passengers also have a panoramic view with its acrylic canopy and the snorkel records a video whilst you sail through the water.


2. Quadski Amphibious Vehicles

Gibbs Sport present the Quadski that can be used both on land and on the water by the touch of a switch that retracts the wheels once you enter the water and they deploy when you approach land. Enjoy this experience either way as the transition is quick and easy so you get to admire the different environments without any hassle. These vehicles are capable of reaching a top speed of 45mph on land or water and weighs 104 pounds. Supposedly, the Quadski costs $47,650 for the 2 seater and the single seater costs $41,125. (XL)


3. Lampuga Electric Surfboards

If you hate the noisy engines of previous powered surfboards, you will love this! These are the quiet electric powered boards. They are fast and lightweight due to their carbon fibre construction which makes them perfect for the superyacht. The Lampuga Boost is powered by an emission-free electrical jet engine whill delivers 15 horse power to the water which then transforms the boards into forward thrust. The battery of the board lasts up to 40 minutes, can charge it for up to 120 minutes and weighs 37kg. The price for the Boost Carbon Editionis around €18,500 and the Boost Edition is around €12,940.


4. Zorb Human Hamster Ball

Trying to find a solution to exercise AND have fun? Look no further, the hamster ball is here! Attach the security belt and roll across the water from the yacht. This toy has been upgraded to provide maximum safety for users. You can buy Zorbs from multiple places online that range from $500 to $800.


5. Superyacht Sub 3

The Superyacht Sub 3 costs $1.5 million. It is the most compact 3-person submersible built from U-Boat Worx and has been specifically designed for superyachts. It's flexible, ultra-small and low weight which makes it easy to come aboard many yachts. It features a system which makes it possible for users to open the hatch when the waves are high. You can start your underwater adventure from 100 meters all the way to 300 meters. Inside the toy there is leather seating, air conditioning, 1 pilot seat and 2 passenger seats.

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