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Stories of Success - Women in Yachting Forum Event by Pearls of Wisdom

While working on yachts can be exciting and rewarding in so many ways, it is also a challenging industry to leave. Yachting immerses you into a completely different world; for some, it can be hard to fit back into that ‘real world.’

But fear not; for women in the yachting industry today, Pearls of Wisdom can help. Founded by Cherise Reedman, the community and network are helping yacht crew transition out of the industry. They are bringing women in yachting who are going through the process of trying to reinstate their land legs together. With a year of successful and inspiring events under her belt, Cherise is hosting the next event on March 31st, which will be at the Harbour Hotel in Southampton. 

Past events have seen women, at all stages of their yachting career, come together to share their stories, engage in inspiring talks and network with the like-minded community. From re-finding your purpose and knowing where to settle on land through to navigating a social calendar now set weeks in the future, the Pearls community have supported these worries that come about when women want to make the leap. The events, with different focus themes, have put a range of challenging conversations at the forefront, helping women transition out of the industry a little easier. 

The March forum will be a chance to listen to women who have already left the industry, begun new businesses and endeavours, and are now thriving in the non-yachting world. Perhaps you have a side hustle onboard that you want to take full-time? Maybe you are itching to go full steam ahead with a business idea you have been carrying around? Or, you simply want to have hope re-ignited in you that there is a bright future after yachting. This forum is an excellent way to share experiences, ask questions, discuss topics of interest, and create social connections and a sense of community.

Alongside the wisdom and new connections, you will also leave the event with a special goodie bag full of treats from ex-crew-founded businesses. Pearls of Wisdom not only showcases what crew have done next, helps crew transition themselves but is at the same time making the industry a better and more supportive place for women working within it. 

Whatever your situation, if you want to be inspired, connect with others and ask questions about life after yachting, this is your chance. For tickets, get in touch with Cherise, cherise.reedman@yachtpearlsofwisdom.com.

Credit: Gemma Harris


Freelance Writer & Content Creator