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Secrets of the Luxury Super Yachts Revealed

UK's Channel 5 transmitted Episode 1 of "Secrets of the Luxury Super Yachts" last night, revealing more than a few of the industry's best kept secrets.  From the stewardess who blew the whistle on her boss removing all traces of his visiting wife one week to be replaced by a group of hookers the next (not sure she'll get another gig?!) to the amount of money deemed acceptable to spend in this industry.

Interviewing British businessman and billionaire John Caudwell, founder of Phones4U, who candidly discusses his 73metre superyacht Titania, with a weekly charter fee of over £600,000, you would need a cool £1.2million to charter this baby for you and your mates for a couple of weeks in the sun.  Currently one of the largest and most luxurious charter yachts in Asia.

But it's the opportunity to share the luxury with great friends, socialise, entertain and have fun that Mr Caudwell loves. And there's plenty of opportunity for that with the yacht's five dining locations, a beach club, sauna, gymnasium and I think he said 60 metre waterslide! The largest waterslide on any superyacht in the world.  

Then there was the SOLO superyacht which again is all about the toys, from the fleet of jet ski's, each valued at approximately £20,000, the helipad and 3 pools on board, this 72metre super yacht was at the Barcelona Boat Show last year in Port Vell for a cool £70million.

Super yacht crew did not go unnoticed though and Mr Caudwell did mention his 22 crew, the best crew who provide the most excellent service.  Appreciating that to get the best crew you've got to pay them well.  His quest to make his yacht the most desirable super yacht on the seas, partly by investing in the "most friendly, efficient and effective crew."

From Port Vell in Barcelona, to Tuscany, Monaco and along the Cote D'Zur we take a bird's eye view of a small selection of the most luxurious and beautiful superyachts of the total 5,000 in the world.

Security - keeping those on board safe from pirates. Armed with AK37 assault rifles, superyacht owners spending hundreds of thousands of pounds per year protecting their yachts, wealth, artwork, family and friends.

When it comes to the business of building the boats, Channel 5 featured the very talented superyacht interior designer Mark Berryman Design, based on the south coast of the UK in the New Forest.  At the time of filming, the team were shown hard at work designing, discussing, building and then finally on hand for the salubrious launch of 65 metre M/Y Life Saga, built for a very important client - to retain his anonymity from virtually everyone working on the project - named "Mr G." With a previous luxury yacht Flying Fox also featured, believed to have cost in the region of £1.8million to build.

The feeling is clients really can have anything they want, if they have the time and the money.

The Chef is obviously a very important member of the crew, with guests expecting excellent food available 24/7.  Chef, Bianca and her Chief Engineer husband Danny were featured working together on superyachts for 7 years, married for 3.  Bianca the sole chef carefully preparing and cooking every meal, from scratch, sometimes for 21 people per day.  On call 24/7 if the owner and guests demand it. And sometimes they're very demanding, calling her at 3am for a cheeseburger!  She admitted to a certain level of mental exhaustion, always having to anticipate what might be wanted next. But with an exceptionally high standard built-in, she also said "you're only as good as your last meal!"  With their accommodation not quite as luxurious and spacious as the guest quarters, Danny and Bianca were very happy with their lot and the natural order of ranking superiority that exists onboard superyachts.

For a sneak view into the exclusive world of superyachts check it out on Channel 5.

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