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Professional Vessel Management - IPAD App for Captains & Crew

Efficient Sea App – ‘One with the lot’

The Efficient Sea App has just made their global launch with an iPad app that sets itself apart from existing programs because of it’s comprehensive array of manuals, checklists, templates and compliance reporting forms, and it’s pure simplicity to use. It is a complete vessel management system in a single iPad app.

Conceived by a seasoned super yacht captain with over 85,000 sea miles experience it addresses the long held issue of increasing demand on a ships’ master for compliance and archiving. This app has been two years in development with trialling in actual operational situations and it’s passed with flying colours. Initial feedback from other ship’s masters indicate that the Efficient Sea App could be the ‘next big thing’, not just a gadget or accessory, but rather a core tool to manage all vessel documentation, thereby releasing precious time back to onboard operations.

This app has a staggering list of documentation. All the necessary forms for ISM, SMS and MLC compliance reporting. LSA & FFE checklists. Standard Operating Procedures. A full set of reference manuals, checklists, engineering schedules, templates for accounting wages and charter expenses, logs for crew and operational matters, bridge operations, safety protocols and familiarization forms for onboard operations and passenger activities, arrival and departure forms for international ports, even shipyard job card.

The Efficient Sea App integrates with Google sheets to allow customization of forms, a ‘tap to sign’ facility that streamlines submission of forms directly from the iPad and secure cloud storage for archiving and file sharing.

Subscription plans are very competitive to begin with, but the Efficient Sea App has the added feature of being able to pause your subscription when the vessel is out of service, archive your data in our secure cloud storage and resume subscription when the vessel is active again. There is also an option for a single month’s subscription, which is ideal to trial it for yourself.

Well suited to single or fleet maintenance the Efficient Sea App provides a solid template for the safe and compliant operations both at sea and at berth. The app has provision to nominate senior crew, owners and other stakeholder’s access to archived documents.

Easy to use it requires only to be downloaded from Apple’s App Store, choose the forms and documents you require, then select a subscription period. Done.

While technology continues to both innovate and confound our modern world, when seen in it’s purest form, to just make onerous tasks easier, the Efficient Sea App has no peer.

For more information click here: www.Efficientseaapp.com.au

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