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Prince Harry to sleep on tanker vessel during Caribbean tour.

Prince Harry has begun his Caribbean tour and is currently in Antigua. During his tour the Prince will live on tanker ship "Royal Fleet Auxiliary Wave Knight". Prince Harry will spend 14 days visiting the caribbean on behalf of the queen and Royal Fleet Auxiliary Wave Knight will act as both his transport and accommodation. Many have seen the use of tanker vessel as a clear sign that Britain needs a new Royal Yacht. 

Prince Harry will spend a total of six nights on the tanker as he travels between the island nations including Barbados, St Lucia and Grenada. While onboard the vessel could even be called opon as it is part of Operation Martillo, which is an international drug busting operation being carried out across the caribbean. The actual vessel Prince Harry is staying on was involved in an interception of cocaine worth over £40 million. Jake Berry (MP) said "The fact that the Royal Navy has had to make available a tanker which is in short supply demonstrates that a new royal yacht that is fit for purpose for promoting trade is desperately needed by this country."

The Wave Knight is normally used for refuelling Royal Navel vessels as well as counter narcotic operations and patrols. The price will join the crew of 72 with 10 staff. Due to the vessel being a "working naval vessel" the Prince will not be able to invite guests on board as the Royal Family used to do with Royal Yacht Britania. Currently the prime Minister, Theresa May is coming under increasing pressure to fund a new Royal Yacht. Some believe that a new Royal Yacht could act as a platform for the Royal Family to travel the world as a new independent Britain where it can embark on securing new trade deals. For now.. Prince Harry will have to make do with Wave Knight. 

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