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Keep your head above water - Mental Health challenges as a crew member

Working on a yacht can be a great experience and an amazing way to make a living, doing what you love. But it comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to mental health. Not only can life at sea be isolating, but there’s also the physical demands of the job and the ever-present danger of accidents. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to take care of your mental health as yacht crew and why it’s so important for both you and your vessel.

By heading to the Yotspot FAQ page, you get a real impression of the monetary benefits of working in the yachting industry. Despite the lure of financial reward, working in yachting has taken a toll on crew members mental health: over half report their wellbeing decreased during service and one-in-five are currently struggling with poor mental health. Stress from burnout, tension among crews and inadequate sleep have contributed to anxiety and loneliness amongst workers across interior, galley, deck andengineering departments alike, pushing many towards considering leaving the sector altogether. 

Stress is a normal part of life aboard any boat, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. It’s important to manage stress in order to maintain mental wellbeing and prevent fatigue. One way to do this is by recognising the potential triggers before they become unmanageable and then taking active steps to reduce their impact. This could include setting clear boundaries between work and leisure time or taking regular breaks throughout the day. Additionally, having an understanding captain who knows how to motivate their crew can go a long way towards reducing stress levels onboard.

The nature of working on a yacht means you are often surrounded by strangers, making forming meaningful connections difficult. However, fostering social relationships while onboard is essential for preserving your mental health as yacht crew. Whether it’s setting up group activities or simply talking with fellow crew members during downtime, having strong social ties can help keep loneliness at bay and provide much-needed support during difficult times.

The last thing you want when working on a boat is for your performance to suffer due to poor mental health habits like not getting enough sleep or eating unhealthy food. That’s why it’s important to establish good habits early on that will help sustain your physical and mental well-being over time. This could include exercising regularly, eating nutritious meals, drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol where possible, getting adequate sleep each night, reducing caffeine intake if necessary and engaging in calming activities like yoga or meditation when possible. All these things taken together will ensure that you remain mentally fit while out at sea!

Taking care of your mental health while working on board a yacht is incredibly important, not only for yourself but also for those around you who depend upon you being in top form every day! Taking care of yourself mentally goes hand in hand with taking care of yourself physically, so don't let either slip through the cracks! Happy sailing!

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