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Is this the right time to go?

Yachting Seasons

An important part of finding work on a superyacht is choosing the right country in which to start the search. Equally, the right season is important too.

Arriving in Antibes in early January is about as useful as going to the South Pole to look for work.

Most people picture a relaxing sail, gently swaying yacht accompanied by a cool breeze. This means that most passengers, owners and crew shudder at the thought of force 8 winds and being battered by 10m waves.

With that in mind, at the end of a season, buzzing places will often see empty crew houses. Below states the best times to go, with the highest chance of gettting placed.

The Mediterranean

The season for crew usually is busy around March to May. This would be the best time to get there. It then starts to wind down in October and by November it is finished.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean season, alternatively known as the winter season, starts getting underway around November. As many yachts like being chartered around the holiday period, crewing up happens much faster here. The season winds down in late March, and after that, many yachts head back to the Mediterranean.  

However, it is important to bear in mind that while most yachts will be doing the bulk of their hiring at the beginning of the season, taking on crew happens for the duration.

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