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Is it ever okay to Kiss and Tell?

"Celebrity guests, decadent parties and $4000 tips: The confessions of a superyacht hostess (who say their job is actually much harder than it looks)". 

The above is the title of an article that has appeared in the Daily Mail which has caused quite a stir within our industry. Is it ever okay to kiss and tell? 

The story involves two yacht crew... Sarah Begbie and Bethany Silcox who "worked for a number of years as hosts on board luxury yachts around the world". The article states that the two "elite yacht workers have lifted the lid on the highs and lows of a life at sea". 

The response to the article has been mixed. Some crew have been outraged and see the article as a betrayal of trust, whereas some believe that the article sheds a positive light on the industry and shows that its not all fun and games. 

Molin Lars posted this morning saying "Yacht crew is generally a very social lot, and most of us love to talk ! With that in mind, sometimes it pays to think before talking and certainly to beware, who you share your insider knowledge with - or you may just end up on the front page the following morning.. Keep those lips sealed - in particular if having a confidentiality clause in your contract. What happens onboard should stay onboard."

To see the article in question click here.

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