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How to dock like a boss...

24 June 2015 by Sophia Heath

A Norwegian video created to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking alcohol while operating boats has gone viral.

The clip “how to dock like a boss” was uploaded earlier this week (22 June) and has already been seen by more than five million people in 150 countries.

The video features parents with young children enjoying a champagne picnic on their smart tender. The couple then laugh when a scantily clad Norwegian in a scruffy boat passes by. However, the slob in the scruffy boat then proceeds to “dock like a boss” while the family are unable to restart their boat and are left stranded. The tag line behind the advert it “docking is an art form best practiced sober”.

The advert has been created by Norwegian NGO NAV-OG-TIL, which works to promote awareness about the dangers of intoxication while driving, pregnant and or in charge of children.

The main charter in the advert is played by Jo Gill Næss, who is actually an engineer in the oil industry rather than an actor. He ended up getting the part though a friend who worked for the ad agency behind the campaign.

“I liked the character. He is not very self-important, and is generally happy with life,” Næss told a local newspaper.

Næss has been taken aback by the huge reaction the advert has generated.

“It has been a pleasure,” he added. “It is entirely positive. I had not expected that it would attract so much attention.”

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