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Getting the best from your crew

Any team is so much more than just the sum of its parts. But a successful team thrives on team work, each member putting their best foot forward, putting the hours and focus into training, all pulling in the same direction, with a shared goal or purpose.  It’s exactly the same when it comes to the crew team on board a sailing or motor yacht.

The efficiency and smooth running of any yacht is a measure of the skill and harmony of its crew members.

With up to date training, experience and thorough knowledge of their individual roles and what’s expected of them, crew are better placed to deliver a safe, efficient and accomplished service for owners and guests.   

However, the unexpected does occur and being an expert in your particular field sometimes isn’t enough.  Supporting crew mates and working as a team helps individuals build confidence, self-worth and creates a feeling of immense job satisfaction.

The combination of working long hours, in close proximity, for long stretches, with high expectations from owners and guests can put undue pressure on any individual, whatever their position on board.  But a bond of trust that builds up amongst crew mates, who support and look out for another makes for a happier, cohesive team. 

Being a motivated individual is one thing but to be motivated as a team can be a powerful force, by being motivated to achieve the same goals, you can do great things and engage others to keep working through long charters, refits in the yard and weeks of intense pressure. 

Sharing a focus on what you’re trying to achieve is key to working with a common goal, planning how you’re going to develop as an individual and achieve your own aspirations but also, and just importantly, the aspirations of the crew, communicating with each other about achievements, the journey so far, the good, the bad and what’s next.  Regularly checking in to support one another and make sure you’re on the same path.

Whilst bad experiences can set you back, there will be plenty of opportunities to improve your skillset, contacts, experience and confidence, grasp these opportunities with both hands, they will do wonders for your confidence and may even open a few doors in the future.

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