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Get Your Profile Photo Right

The first thing an employer or Captain will look at is your photo. Do you look the part?  Does your face fit?  Like it or not, your photo will be the first impression your potential employer gets from your Yotspot profile and with lots of crew competing for superyacht jobs you want them to remember you in a positive way.  Not only that, your photo will appear on your CV and every time you make an online comment, so make sure it’s a good one.  It’s going to give potential employers an indication of what you will be like to work with.

Captains have been known to eliminate candidates just because of their profile picture.  Rightly or wrongly, the industry does favour those with the right look, so take a bit of time to make sure your photo gives you the best possible chance.  As long as you look friendly, professional and ready to work, you’re one step ahead already, but here are a few tips when it comes to facing the lens:


  • Don’t wear sunglasses
  • Don’t have your photo taken in a dark, shadowy setting
  • No selfies
  • Don’t cover your face
  • Don’t make it too stiff and corporate looking
  • It’s not a passport photo, no need to grimace
  • No side glances
  • No gimmicks or accessories
  • No action shots



  • Make sure it's a clear, focused shot
  • Make sure there's good lighting
  • Take a head and shoulders shot (could be from chest up, but not too close to the face)
  • Look straight into the camera
  • Dress the part (look professional - ideally with polo shirt, hair neat and tidy, clean shaven, tattoos covered)
  • Just you on your own
  • Minimal shadows
  • If you have the photo taken outside, on a pontoon, in situ all the better
  • Relax and smile.
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