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Crew Houses & Accommodation

Where to stay and how to get work!

As with any accommodation around the world, crew houses can vary hugely in quality, cleanliness and availability.  Some book up really quickly, some meet crew standards, but there are a few which are hygienically challenged!

Because there are so many yachting crew out there, some waiting longer for jobs to start, there’s a greater demand for alternative accommodation options.  Crew quite rightly expect better value for money, improved standards so often club together and look at alternatives to the traditional ‘crew houses’, such as renting a house or apartment, camping out of town or having the flexibility of camper van hire.  Some just prefer the comfort and convenience of a hotel and if you’re already armed with a contract or savings, you might have the funds to afford it.

Rather than tying yourself down to a long accommodation commitment before you’ve even arrived, we suggest you pre-book something for a few days.  Give yourself the time to check out your surroundings, meet other people and work out what other options might be available. 

Be open minded, if you haven’t secured a contract, remember you’re there to find work, so stay focused, positive and open to networking (remember be safe at all times, never meet a stranger alone at night for the first time!)  but do bear in mind, you never know who will become a friend or useful contact in future.  Stay savvy, make sure you’ve got good people around you, that’s way more important than the most beautiful crew house!

A few helpful tips and links:

USA, Florida, Fort Lauderdale:

Emergency Number US: Dial 911

  • Ideally you want to be around the 17th Street, it’s spread out though so it’s advisable to either get a bike or club together to buy a car. Much easier!
  • Check out local realtors/estate agents for houses to rent (perfect for couples or small groups) or post an accommodation enquiry on a social crew network, try: corporatehousing.com

A few websites to check out are:

The Bridge II @16th Str "Ft Lauderdale" Website: www.bridge-hostel-fort-lauderdale.com

Sam’s Crew Castle”Ft Lauderdale" Website: www.americancrewhouses.webs.com

Palma, Spain

France, Europe

Emergency Number France: Dial 112

A couple of Antibes based crew houses:

Crew Grapevine, Antibes:  http://www.crewgrapevine.com/

Glamorgans, Antibes:  http://www.theglamorgan.com/

  • There are lots of great places to position yourself on the French Riviera.
  • Antibes primarily where the crew agents are and most of the yachty bars!
  • Alternatively position yourself in: Nice, Cannes, Juan-Les-Pins, Biot and if you’re within walking distance of the railway line you’ll make life a whole lot easier. Day work is typically scattered up and down the line at various marinas and berths.
  • It helps to network! Get to know the crew agents, log into their sites each week and then do the “Dock Walk”.  Smile, get to know people, you’ll soon gain work through networking.
  • Top tip: make sure you’re around the docks at the beginning and end of the day, typically between 8am – 845am and 4pm - 5pm so work out beforehand which marinas you want to target the next day so you can make the most of those time slots.

Smile and Good Luck!

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