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4 Wild Truths You Need to Know About the Life of Superyacht Crew

By Maxine Rodrigues

Behind the glamorous champagne-popping lives of superyacht crew, chasing the sun around the globe is not all that they do! Unfortunately, there is a lot of misconception up in the air- thanks to Instagram, but we’re about to give you the reality.  

Let’s dive right in...

  1. Privacy is scarce 
  2. They never take their eyes off guests
  3. Pristine is not clean enough
  4. High standards of guests will rub off on the crew

Privacy is scarce.

Finding a quiet spot all to yourself is a rare phenomenon while working and living with others in confined spaces (or on a yacht), and yes, it can also ignite tension and incinerate your patience. But if you watched Bravo’s popular drama-filled TV series Below Deck, you may already know this. 

You may also find out the hard way that word of mouth spreads ultra-fast. So even though it may be difficult to hold in that secret confession or a complaint about someone, shh... remember to zip it and think about what you say before you say it. 

They never take their eyes off guests.

Not only is the crew’s privacy scarce, but the guest’s privacy also- they just don’t know it! Every small move a guest makes is being watched and accounted for silently. When guests are seen exiting a room, the stewardesses are alerted immediately through the radio to go and clean the room as if it was untouched. When a guest is seen leaving the yacht with swimwear and beach towels, stew's will place the after-sun lotion in their rooms for when they return.

Pristine is not clean enough

Toothpicks, toothbrushes, and cotton buds seem like strange tools to use for cleaning, but guess what? Not in the yachting world! When cleaning the yachts’ interior, not a single strand of hair or speckle of dust should be in sight. Cleaning the guest’s cosmetic products and wiping fingerprints away from device screens becomes a habitual task. Every item should look as if it was brand new.

Attention to detail and perfectionism is the number one personality traits you will develop while working on yachts.

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High standards of guests will rub off on the crew.

Constantly practising perfectionism throughout the day can stick with the crew even in their time outside of work. A cheap bottle of wine may not cut it, and that local boutique store you used to shop at will not appeal to you anymore. 

Superyacht crew tends to splash out during the little time off they get, from sipping champagne at expensive beach clubs to shopping sprees at high fashion stores. 

Now that you know the reality behind superyacht crews’ life, are you intrigued and up for a new adventure? 

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