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Navigating the complexities of the B1/B2 Visa

Navigating the complexities of the B1B2 Visa If you're non-US yacht crew and looking to enter the US temporarily either for business or pleasure, you'll need to qualify for a B1B2 visa. Be warned though, you'll have to do a bit of hoop jumping to get through the various levels of US administration, before you can qualify. No matter where you go on US soil and water, there are rules to follow, fees to be paid and documents to be completed and submitted. Although there isn't a US visa specifically designed for the world of yachting, because by the very nature of the industry it appeals to those looking to move around, the B1B2 visa is the most appropriate for crew working (or job searching) on yachts. The US Department of State classify the B1/B2 as a visitor ...

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Is a job on a superyacht for you?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions's…. All you need to work on a superyacht is a willingness to learn, positive attitude, a love of hard work and most importantly a sense of adventure!  If you're up for a challenge and keen to travel, then working on one of the world's most beautiful sea faring vessels could be perfect for you. As superyacht crew recruiters we've put together just some of the questions we're frequently asked: What's a superyacht? Either a privately owned or chartered motor or sailing yacht, which could measure anything from 24m (80ft) up to 130m (420ft) in length.  Could be longer!  Superyachts can vary from those under sail to those automated or explorer type vessels with helipads and submarines on ...

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The Water Lily Napkin Fold. Tips for summer 2018.

Napkin Folds With access to Pinterest there are so many amazing napkin folds we can copy to create stunning place settings, adding real drama and wow factor to your dining table, but how on earth do you actually create them. Here's a step by step guide to creating one of the classic napkin designs. Top tip though, good quality, starched linen (preferably in a beautiful colour!) is a must, so your designs hold their shape, reduce creasing and look even more dramatic. The Water Lily Lay your square napkin out flat on a flat, clean surface Fold each of the four corners into the centre and press the creases flat Fold your new four corners into the centre and press the creases flat Hold your folds together and carefully turn the napkin over Fold each of the four corners into...

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Yotspot launches new cruise ship jobs board!

Launching your online Cruise Ship Jobs Board We're thrilled to launch "Cruiserecruit" www.cruiserecruit.com your online "Cruise Ship Jobs Board' whether you're looking for the perfect job onboard a cruise ship or an employer looking for cruise ship, ferry or vessel staff, Cruiserecruit is your one stop global portal.  Following the phenomenal success of our sister portal Yotspot, The global jobs board for the yachting industry, which we only launched in 2010 but has already grown to become one of the yachting industry's most successful platforms, we decided we had to make it easier for Cruise operators to find great crew and for great crew to have one place to access jobs onboard any vessel. You can browse our constantly updated list of ...

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The art of table dressing. It's all in the preparation.

The art of table dressing.  It's all in the preparation Dressing the table for dinner is an art form. Whilst the deckhands take care on deck polishing stainless and two parting the teak deck, and interior staff/chefs plan and prepare sumptuous dishes to wow owners and their guests, the main saloon is the steward/stewardess's domain, and it's just as important to present a beautiful table to draw diners into the space, relax knowing their every need will not only be catered for but has been thought of already! For stewards and stewardesses, here are some great tips for ensuring your table looks beautiful and allows service to be the best it can be. Thinking ahead is key, be creative, be resourceful, but ultimately plan ahead, be organised, with owners and guests...

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Virtual Training Centre launch 1st Fully Online Ship Security Office Course Approved by UK MCA

In the last 12 months Virtual Training Centre we have delivered accrdited 100% online training in 46 countries to Superyacht Crew, Shipping Companies, Cruise Lines, Crewing and Ship Management, Off-Shore O&G, Recruitment Agencies, as well as Private Clients.  The benefits of online training are apparent as it affords many advantages, not only is it cost effective, convenient reliable and efficient, it may save significant time and costs associated with travelling to a test centres with training availability.  Today, more and more companies are identifying these key benefits and implementing online training as a core part of their 'duty of care' and 'security training strategy'.  VTC realised the requirement for companies and indivi...

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The perfect boat: what makes an ideal offshore cruising yacht?

Choosing a boat for offshore cruising is not a decision to be taken lightly. I have researched this topic on dozens of rallies, speaking to hundred of skippers. Everyone you speak to will have a different point of view about which boat is best and why, but few question the importance of getting it right. No matter what your budget, there is a bewildering array of choice and a number of important decisions to make, any one of which could severely impact the enjoyment and eventual success of your voyage. What follows may serve as a checklist for first-timers as well as seasoned ocean sailors in helping to decide the essential elements concerning safety, comfort, performance and functionality, looking at the hull, deck, rig and interior. HULL, KEEL AND RUDDER Deciding on the size of a...

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The Monaco Yacht Show restructures for 2018

The Monaco Yacht Show has announced a new layout for the 28th edition of the show, which will be held from 26 to 29 September 2018. The main location undergoing a restructure, by the Principality of Monaco, is Quai des Etats-Unis. This quay, which formerly comprised an assortment of yachting-related companies, will now be dedicated to superyacht builders, design studios, and brokerage houses, which will be in front of the superyachts they have on display for sale and charter. There seemed to be a growing consensus that the B2B element of the show – and sheer number of attendees – was somewhat negating the client-centric focus that it used to deliver. However, the Monaco Yacht Show is looking to reinforce and underline this focus through greater segregation of the luxury m...

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First Look: Virgin Voyages Ship Renderings

A first look at Virgin Voyage's external design shows off a futuristic looking prototype ship. Under construction in Italy, Fincantieri will deliver the first of three ships to the new brand in 2020.  The ships will be 2,800 passengers and 110,000 tons and are being built at an estimated cost of $710 million each. The cruise experience will be for guests aged 18 and over, with no children allowed.  "Adorned at the hull you'll find our beautiful, mermaid guide. Inspired by the traditional bows from ships of yore, she is our ship's muse. The soul of the voyage. Our elegant leader. The feminine spirit of the ship," said Virgin, in a statement. "Designed with the glitter and glam of a yacht, the ship's livery stands out on the high seas. She glides with a u...

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