Tips and Tricks for Yacht Crew From Yacht Professionals

Yachting is a thrilling and glamorous industry that often captivates the imagination of many. However, it’s not all smooth sailing, and those who work in the yachting world know that it requires dedication, hard work, and a unique set of skills.

To help you navigate this exciting but challenging profession in the yachting industry, we’ve gathered valuable tips and tricks from seasoned yachties who have been through it all. These insights come straight from the experts themselves, offering you a glimpse into the world of yachting, yacht jobs, and yacht crew positions like never before.

  • “Always do what you promise to do, but don’t hesitate to ask for help.” – Anya (@annsmur)
  • “Sell yourself! Interviews are scary but confidence and honesty are key. Don’t fake it till you make it. Reassure them that you will do your absolute best in all aspects of the job.” – Shannon Garratt (@that_yachtie_travelling)
  • “Embrace Flexibility: Be ready for last-minute changes in schedules, guest preferences, and unexpected situations.” – João Franco (@joaograntfranco)
  • “Time management is key. The faster you can complete the small easy tasks, the more time you get to spend on the difficult and time-consuming tasks, leaving you with the possibility of finishing a day’s work earlier! – Kayla Van Den Bergh (@x_kayla.x)
  • Be an overachiever without bragging about it. If you have to be on deck by 08:00, be there by 07:45! If you see something that looks out of place (even though it’s not your division), fix it. These things will be seen by other crew/your captain, and you will certainly learn a lot more about yourself and your abilities.” – Kayla Van Den Bergh (@x_kayla.x)
  • “Keep your head down, and focus on the task at hand!” – Colin Macy-O’Toole (@colin_macyotoole)
  • “Write it down. You quickly realise how your so-called long-term memory isn’t long-term. Those higher up in the hierarchy don’t like to repeat themselves.” – Handré (@its_mellow_fellow)

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In the world of yachting, success is a blend of skill, dedication, and adaptability. These tips and tricks from experienced yachties offer valuable insights into how to thrive in this unique and competitive yachting industry. Whether you’re seeking yacht careers, marine jobs, or superyacht jobs, remember that whether you’re a seasoned professional or a greenie, the wisdom shared by these experts can help steer you towards success on the high seas.

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