Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Awareness

The team is pleased to announce the launch of the “Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Awareness for Superyachts” course, aimed at raising awareness and enhancing safety within the maritime industry. Developed in partnership with Seascope France, this online course addresses the critical need for safety measures in handling lithium-ion batteries, particularly relevant to the evolving landscape of vessel operations.

Recognising the increasing incidence of fires on superyachts potentially linked to lithium-ion batteries, VIRSEC in partnership with Seascope France has responded by providing a comprehensive training solution. The course, exclusive to the superyacht sector, aims to elevate safety standards and mitigate associated risks effectively.

Collaborating with industry experts, the course focuses on equipping yacht crew, officers, captains, and managers with the necessary competence in lithium-ion technology. It covers preventive measures, fire prevention, and emergency response protocols to ensure a thorough understanding of the hazards posed by lithium-ion batteries.

Aligned with ISM Code obligations, specifically ISM 6.3 and 6.5, the course addresses the responsibility of Designated Persons Ashore (DPA), Yacht Managers, and Captains to ensure crew members are adequately trained in identifying and managing battery-related risks.

Moreover, the course aligns with MGN 681 and the STCW Convention, emphasising the importance of competency in handling lithium-ion batteries during charging operations. Beyond theoretical knowledge, the training provides practical insights crucial for routine and emergency situations, complying with STCW Convention Regulation I/14 – 5.

Key benefits of the course include prioritising safety, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, enhancing operational efficiency, proactively mitigating risks, and offering tailored training for superyacht professionals.

Addressing insurance implications, the course aims to mitigate risks associated with lithium-ion batteries, potentially leading to insurance claims rejection due to improper handling or storage.

Investing in the safety and preparedness of crew members is paramount, particularly in light of the evolving maritime landscape. The “Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Awareness for Superyachts” course stands as a strategic initiative towards upholding industry safety standards and maximising crew safety.

For further information or discussions on the training, please do not hesitate to reach out. Together, we can foster a safety-conscious environment, harnessing the benefits of lithium-ion battery technology responsibly.

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