Life after Yachting – Do you have a plan?

Great minds think alike!

We have great news; www.lifeafteryachting.com  and www.yotspot.com will now be partnering as part of the movement in yachting to support crew throughout their careers. We share the same experience within the industry, the same aims to develop professional and skilled candidates and same values in wanting to give back to others.

Life After Yachting was the brainchild of Titta Uoti-Vaisanen who started her consultancy TUVYC in 2014 and more recently launched Superyacht Foodie in 2021. Life after Yachting is a not-for-profit movement and her way of giving back to the yachting community by providing advice for crew looking to change their career and transition ashore.

Having worked on some of the world’s largest yachts herself Titta knew that heading ashore is not an easy decision. Too often crew crash out without a plan in place because they just keep putting off making any decision at all. Having made a success of her own move she knew her knowledge could be invaluable to others.

The Life After Yachting portal creates connections between crew needs/interests and industry experts offering their advice. Crew simply log in, tick their interests and the intelligent portal then recommends the corresponding partners who can offer support and advice for your specific needs.

Recruiters like us with shoreside jobs can showcase available roles in the portal but it’s not just about job search. The portal was also developed to educate crew to recognise and improve on their own ability to apply for those jobs. This partnership between Life After Yachting and Yotspot typifies our mutual aim to prepare the best quality candidates and lead them to the multitude of great shoreside positions on offer.

Life After Yachting advisors cover areas such as career coaching, financial planning, business strategies, educational and personal development. Specific sectors are also represented such as hospitality, boat building and yacht management, all with a view to help crew start planning their moves early on.

They also have partners who are paving the way for the yachting skillset to be acknowledged and recognised by training centres and employers ashore. They promote opportunities for finding suitable retraining and building new skills.

In the past there has been little centralised, organised and trustworthy support for crew looking to make the leap shoreside. There is a huge skillset built up whilst working onboard but these skills require translation ready for new opportunities such as those on offer through Yotspot.

The Life After Yachting Support Network have come together to provide that mentorship and sign-post crew career journeys; most have made the move ashore themselves and want to give back and improve our industry.

Collaborations like this provide great opportunities for us to enhance the crew career journey and empower crew awareness of their value in the wider context. Yotspot is a great place to find jobs ashore and Life After Yachting provides the support for crew to become the best candidates to land those jobs. A perfect partnership!