Keeping fit while working on a superyacht: An Interview with a founder from Yachties Run Wild

Here at Yotspot we understand how crucial it is to prioritise your physical fitness and wellbeing aswell as your mental health. 

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So we spent the time sitting down with one of the owners/founders of Yachties Run Wild, a women’s only yachtie running club based in Palma, Mallorca. This club fosters a sense of community by encouraging yachtie women to make friends and embrace running together.

What is your name, what do you do and where are you from?

My name is Carrina Farrow, I work as a stewardess on superyachts and I’m from Southampton. 

Have you worked in the yachting industry if so how long and what was your job title?

I’ve been in the industry for over 3 years and I’m a stewardess.

What is the best and worst thing about working in the yachting industry in your experience? 

Best thing is meeting so many amazing people & exploring new places. Worst thing is being away from my family and friends at home.

How did the idea for Yachties Run Wild come about? What was the inspiration behind starting this running club specifically for yacht crew?

Jess Chilton and I came up with the idea after a long summer season, we started running together and rewarding ourselves with vinò. We thought it would be a great way to meet new people while keeping fit. It was created for female yacht crew but we are happy to welcome any like minded people.

How does the group foster an environment that promotes girl power and encourages female crew members to support and empower each other within the running club and the broader yacht community?

Yachties Run Wild creates an environment of empowerment by providing a space where female crew members can come together, support each other, and celebrate their achievements. Through regular runs and social gatherings, the club creates opportunities for friendship and bonding. By participating in these activities, female crew members can connect, share experiences, and uplift each other, both within the running club and in the broader yacht community.

What makes Yachties Run Wild unique compared to other running clubs or organisations?

What sets Yachties Run Wild apart is its unique blend of fitness and social events within the yachting community. While many running clubs focus solely on fitness, Yachties Run Wild combines running with the social aspect of connecting with fellow crew members in the industry. By offering post-run drink gatherings and other social activities, the club creates a welcoming and inclusive environment where members can form lasting friendships and support networks in which girls have found new job opportunities, housing and advice for working in the industry.

How crucial is physical fitness and well-being for crew members working on yachts, considering the demanding nature of the job?

Physical fitness and well-being are so important for crew members working on yachts due to the physically and mentally demanding nature of the job. Working on yachts can be super isolating, and strenuous. Therefore Yachties Run Wild recognises the importance of prioritising health and wellness as a part of this lifestyle, the community offers a place where people can be physically active, and enjoy social time outside of work, both of these foster a great platform for health and wellness.

How does Yachties Run Wild engage with its members and the wider yacht community?

Yachties Run Wild engages with its members and the wider yacht community through a variety of channels. The club utilises social media platforms to share updates on upcoming runs and events. Through events like group runs, pilates in the park, and brunch runs with industry partners, the club provides opportunities for members to interact in person, build relationships, and support each other. Yachties Run Wild also collaborates with local businesses and organisations for events to promote health and wellness strengthening partnerships within the yachting community.

Looking ahead, what are the future plans and aspirations for Yachties Run Wild? Are there any new initiatives or projects on the horizon that you would be happy to share with us?

Looking ahead, Yachties Run Wild aims to continue growing its presence within the yacht community while expanding its reach to female crew members globally, we already have a representative in Antibes who does a weekly run. The club plans to launch new initiatives and projects, such as workshops on nutrition and fitness, and partnerships with yacht industry leaders to promote women’s empowerment and well-being. By staying true to its values of women empowerment, health and wellness, Yachties Run Wilds aspires to be a supportive, inclusive, wholesome community for females in the yachting industry.

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