Introducing MUVE! Online fitness programmes for yacht crew!

We’d like to give you a little info about our new online health and fitness platform and explain why we think you could benefit from Muving more!
What is Muve Live?

Muve Live is an online platform which gives you access to real instructors in real time. All classes are live and interactive so your instructor can see and hear you at all times. This means that they are able to give you the support, motivation and tips you need to get the most from your workouts.
How does this benefit you?

Having a fellow seafarer in our family means I can understand the difficulties of being away from home for months and not being in the same place for too long. This presents many challenges and maintaining your physical and mental well-being can be one of them. It can often prove difficult to establish a good fitness regime, be part of a supportive community or build trust with your fitness instructors and that’s where Muve can really help – whether you’re on board or at home.
You can take part in our classes from anywhere in the world, all year round!
Unlike other video streaming platforms Muve Live has been specifically designed for fitness classes, small group sessions and one-to-one workouts so we’ve got you covered no matter how you like to train.
Key Features

When you join a class, no other participants can see or hear you so, you can take part with full privacy.
You can request a private group session with any instructor – this allows you to workout with friends or family at your convenience.
All our instructors also offer one-to-one workouts so their full focus is on you and you can build a strong rapport.
With Muve you can come and go as you please as there are no upfront commitments or subscriptions, just pay for the classes/sessions you book.
Muve has a localised timetable so you don’t have to workout the time zones.
All bookings are saved to your account so you have instant access. 

To Summarise

By being more active and living a healthier lifestyle, you will be creating a better work/home environment for yourself. A good fitness regime is proven to increase productivity and moral – A healthier seafarer is a happier one.
To arrange a free taster session with any of our Instructors email us on hello@muvelive.com


Thanks for your time,

Ben & Holly – Team Muve