Finding Accommodation and Job Opportunities for Yacht Professionals

Crew Houses & Accommodation 

“It was 2008 when I first entered the yachting industry. Arriving in Antibes, SOF I had no real idea of where to stay. At the time there were various Facebook groups and notice boards in places like The Blue Lady advertising crew houses or house shares & apartments etc. For my first few weeks I remember staying in a 1 star hotel in Juan Les Pins, just down from the train station. This was a great find, but with no work it was going to cost me a fortune over the long term. Thankfully I was able to find a house share eventually with some French students just behind the swimming pool in Antibes. It was a cheap room and also enabled me to practise my French!  Overall not a huge amount has changed in the years since, the Crew House and Grapevine still exist I believe and used to cost around €30 per night (although that might have changed!). There have also been a number of new businesses setup since, some lasting more than others. With all crew houses, what they do provide is a great place to network, relax and socialise with fellow yachties who are all on the same journey to break into the yachting industry.”

Steve Crawford, Founder of Yotspot 

Entering the yachting industry is an adventure full of excitement, but it comes with its own set of challenges. One of the first steps in starting your career is finding the right accommodation. It’s not always smooth sailing, but that’s where the Yotspot team steps in to help. With our expert guidance and tips, you’ll be well on your way to embarking on this thrilling career path with confidence.

-Crew House Accommodation for Yacht Professionals

Crew houses remain a popular option for yacht professionals. These accommodations provide a great place to network, relax, and socialise with fellow yachties. Places like the Crew House and Grapevine in Antibes are still around, though prices  have changed over the years. New businesses have emerged, offering varying levels of quality, hygiene and service. Crew houses are ideal for those looking to break into the yachting industry, providing not just a place to stay but also valuable networking opportunities.

– Alternative Accommodation Options for Yacht Crew

Given the large number of yachting professionals and some waiting longer for the right job opportunity, there is a growing demand for alternative housing solutions. 

Crew members frequently join forces to rent houses or apartments, camp just outside town, or even choose camper van rentals for a more adventurous stay. Some prefer the comfort and convenience of hotels, especially if they have contracts in place or savings. To avoid long-term commitments upfront, it’s wise to pre-book short-term accommodation, allowing you to explore other options once you arrive. Keeping an open mind is key. If you haven’t locked down a permanent contract yet, remember that your primary goal is to secure work. 

Yacht Jobs and Crew Accommodation Tips

1.Networking: The key to securing yacht jobs is networking. Participate in “Dock Walks” during peak hiring times (typically between 8-8:45 am and 4-5 pm) to increase your job prospects. Familiarise yourself with crew agents and regularly check their websites. Networking plays a pivotal role in the yachting industry, and your choice of accommodation can significantly impact your networking opportunities. Engaging with other crew members, attending industry events, and staying connected with the yachting community can open doors to new job prospects and valuable connections.

2. Stay Positive and Focused: If you haven’t secured a contract yet, remain focused on finding work. Surround yourself with positive influences and stay open to meeting new people, as they could become valuable contacts.

3. Location is another important factor to consider. Staying close to the marina or the yachting hub can save you time and money on commuting. Plus, being in the heart of the action means you will have better access to job opportunities and industry events, making it easier to immerse yourself in the yachting community.

4. Don’t underestimate the importance of budgeting, either. While some accommodations may seem affordable at first glance, sometimes there are some extra hidden costs such as utilities, internet,  transportation, and even groceries. By setting a realistic budget, you can avoid financial stress and focus on building your career.

5. Safety: Always prioritise your safety. Research your accommodation area using reliable sources to avoid high risk crime locations, even if it means choosing a less convenient bus route, walking more,  or stretching your budget. Investing in safety, is a worthwhile trade-off for your peace of mind.

Recommended Crew Houses and Accommodation Resources

USA, Florida, Fort Lauderdale:

– Aim for around 17th Street; consider getting a bike or pooling resources for a car.

– Websites to explore:

  – [The Bridge II @16th Str “Ft Lauderdale”](http://www.bridge-hostel-fort-lauderdale.com)

  – [Sam’s Crew Castle “Ft Lauderdale”](http://www.americancrewhouses.webs.com)

Palma, Spain:

– Luxury apartments for crew: [www.accommodationpalma.com](http://www.accommodationpalma.com)

– Hostels: [www.hostelbookers.com/hostels/spain/palma-de-mallorca](http://www.hostelbookers.com/hostels/spain/palma-de-mallorca)

France, Europe:

– Crew houses in Antibes:

  – [Crew Grapevine, Antibes](http://www.crewgrapevine.com/)

  – [Glamorgans, Antibes](http://www.theglamorgan.com/)

Explore ideal locations along the French Riviera, such as Nice, Cannes, Juan-Les-Pins, and Biot, with proximity to railway lines for easier commuting to marinas.

Navigating the yachting industry requires resourcefulness and a proactive approach. By utilising crew houses, networking, and exploring various accommodation options, yacht professionals can find both job opportunities and suitable living arrangements. Stay focused, positive, and connected to maximise your chances of success in the yachting world.

Best of luck!