Does Yotspot Blacklist Crew?

We’ve been getting some questions lately about the possibility of blacklisting crew members on Yotspot. Let’s dive in and set the record straight! 

Myth: Can Crew Members Be Blacklisted in Yacht Recruitment on Yotspot? The answer is… NO! At Yotspot, we believe in fair opportunities and equal chances for all our crew members. We do not support or allow blacklisting of any kind on our platform. In today’s rapidly evolving job market, professionals seek platforms that foster inclusivity and openness, ensuring fair opportunities for everyone. At Yotspot, we wholeheartedly embraced this philosophy. Contrary to certain misconceptions, there is no provision for blacklisting crew members on our platform. Instead, we prioritise creating a thriving community that values collaboration and mutual support.

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Our mission entails delivering the yacht industry’s finest talent and Yotspot is designed to provide a transparent and streamlined recruitment process, connecting you with skilled crew members with qualifications, experience, and availability that match your vessel’s requirements.  

To find the ideal candidates we recommend focusing on the following:

  1. Set your criteria and write a detailed description to give the applicants as much detail about what you are looking for as possible
  1. If you tend to get a lot of applicants that have not read your advert (ignoring the criteria or job description) consider using the mandatory cover letter function and asking the applicants to answer a few key questions – please not this could reduce the volume of responses you receive
  1. When reviewing your applications you can remove any unsuitable applicants by applying the filters in just a few clicks. At Yotspot HQ we say it’s about get the applications down from 300, to 30 shortlisted, to 3 for interview
  1. Look for verified references. This is the proper place to seek intel on the crew member you are considering. Verified references have gone through our system and back to the previous employer for confirmation.  Also look to this section for other references and make those calls to check 
  1. Contact us. Our team is on hand to support you with using the system. We can provide training for yourself and your team, review any roles and make recommendations for improvement, or help you to promote your vacancies further.  Use us as a resource. 

We’re keen to stamp out bad industry behaviour using Yotspot’s name. If you encounter any activity that raises concerns, we urge you to report it. Your vigilance helps us maintain the integrity of our platform and ensures a safe space for all.

How Yotspot Works: A Transparent Process

Yotspot connects crew members with employers based on their qualifications, experience, and availability. We’re all about transparency and empowering our users to make informed decisions.Employers evaluate crew members based on their qualifications, experience, and availability, enabling unbiased selection. We facilitate an environment where transparency is the norm, enabling you to make the best decisions for your career journey.

Your Professional Profile is Your Power!

The strength of your Yotspot profile lies in your professional achievements, ratings, and recommendations. Showcase your skills, and let your merit speak for itself. Your Yotspot profile is more than just a collection of credentials; it’s a testament to your expertise and accomplishments. Employers recognise your potential through your professional achievements, ratings, and recommendations from previous engagements. So, take pride in your profile, let it shine, and watch as doors of opportunity open wide.

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At Yotspot, we remain unwavering against crew blacklisting in yacht recruitment. Instead, we champion a culture of inclusiveness, support, and collaboration in yacht recruitment. Embrace the potency of your professional profile, become a vital part of our dynamic yacht community, and together, let’s ascend to new horizons in the yacht industry!

Join our supportive community today and let’s thrive together!  www.yotspot.com