Cheoy Lee introduces the Alpha 76 Express yacht

13 November 2011 – Cheoy Lee built a radical and sporty yacht to a design of Micheal Peters Yacht Design and introduced it at the recently concluded Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The yacht created quite a buzz with passers-by wondering who possibly built her.

The CL Apha, aimed at being the ‘head of the species’ made quite a splash on her debut. She has an interior by Luiz de Basto Designs that is described as being ‘sophisticated’. The quality of materials and finishes should be self-evident. For this reason Luiz de Basto designed an interior that is practical. Starting with overall space planning, the Cheoy Lee Alpha 76 gives the feeling of a much larger yacht.

She has been built in composite materials makin her light and strong at the same time over other construction materials. All Cheoy Lee hulls, and now the Alpha 76’, are monocoque constructed (a technique used in aircraft construction) which enables all structural components to bond to the hull to work together to significantly increase hull strength, integrity and “work as one”. The monocoque technique allows virtually all of the stress that the yacht is subjected to during its operation to be spread out throughout the entire hull rather than limited to one specific area. This greatly increases the overall integrity of the yacht.

The sophisticated interior gives way to the posh owner’s stateroom that is located below decks amidships. This room enjoys having very large windows on both sides. Certainly you cannot complain about the view, there is ample viewing through these windows which were made to meet the strict ISO stipulations on safety and strength.

To meet the stringent requirements of the ISO rules for structure and window glass, the window requires a horizontal stringer; Gurit engineers optimized this stringer in carbon fiber unidirectional reinforcements to make it as small as possible. They then melded it into the rest of the structure to ensure its strength and minimize stress concentrations with minimal obstruction to the view.

The Cheoy Lee Alpha 76 Express Yacht is a yacht with a sports attitude while giving you the luxury and comfort with a sophisticated interior by Luiz de Basto. The seamless integration of spaces throughout the yacht and the offering of great vantage points help make this vessel a gem in the Cheoy Lee portfolio. What a surprise Cheoy Lee offered at the 2011 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.