An Interview with Superyacht Captain Sean Read – From Deckhand to Captain

In the world of yachting, where luxury meets adventure, we often hear about the glamorous life aboard superyachts but what does it take to become a Captain? We sat down with Sean Read, the Captain of Motor Yacht Triumph, a 65m charter vessel, to gain insight into his journey and the daily life of a Captain.

Q:Who are you?

A: My name is Sean Read, I am the Captain of Motor Yacht Triumph, a 65m charter vessel and I am originally from a village in England

Q:How Did You Get into the Industry?

A: Just before getting into the yachting industry I had worked in Australia on a dive boat as a Chef. I was working for Formula One for a team called Mclaren. In the late 90’s one of the drivers brought a Yacht and just as a joke I asked him if he would need a Chef and luckily he said yes and I became a Chef/Deckhand for the first three years of my career. 

Q: What Is a Typical Working Day for You?

A: Off-charter which is more than half the time in a given 12-month period is typically admin-based. This involves dealing with suppliers, accounting tasks, and managing the crew. Meetings and discussions can happen when addressing crew issues or other matters that require attention. On charter, there’s a lot of guest interaction Ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of charter guests is a top priority. Which is actually quite satisfying. 

Q: What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

A: Certainly to be a bit more patient and communicative! Just about having a clearer understanding of people from all walks of life.

Sean Read’s story is a testament to the diverse and exciting career opportunities within the yachting industry. From starting as a Chef/Deckhand to becoming the Captain of a prestigious charter vessel, Sean’s journey reflects the possibilities that await those willing to take a leap into the world of superyachts. 

His advice on patience and communication serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring yacht professionals, reminding us that success in this field is not just about navigating the seas but also the intricacies of human interaction. 

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