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  • Member since 24th Jun 2021
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Personal Information

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  • Gender Male
  • Nationality British
  • Alcohol consumption Low
  • Willing to take a drug test Yes
  • Smoker No
  • Visible tattoos Yes
  • Criminal RecordNo


  • Marital Status Single
  • Looking to work as a couple No


  • English Fluent
  • Spanish Intermediate


  • Availability 1 - 2 Weeks
  • Current country Australia
  • Current location Melbourne

Passport & Visas




About & Hobbies

Hello. I'm an experienced diving instructor who also has yachtmaster offshore (sail). My work history, which includes diving, touring Europe as part of a full time band, and working as a deckhand on a variety of vessels, means that I am completely un-fazed by long periods away from home, hard work, or living in close quarter, communal environments. I'm seeking employment in the superyacht industry and look forward to learning, working hard, being challenged, and developing what I hope will be a long and rewarding career.

Music-I love playing, writing, watching, listening to and dancing to music. Scuba diving of course. Martial arts, UFC. Football. Skateboarding.


0 - 6 months professional yachting experience

Motor Some Professional & Recreational
Sailing Some Professional & Recreational
Fishing Little Recreational
Delivery Some Professional
Shipyards & Refits Some Professional

Detailed Experience

21st Jul 2022 - 11th Aug 2022 (22 days)

  • Deckhand
  • on a 26m (85ft) Commercial Vessel called Locked
  • for Locked

Temporary role with duties including docking, fueling, engine checks and basic maintenance, cleaning.

30th Jun 2022 - 15th Jul 2022 (16 days)

  • Deckhand
  • on a 54m (177ft) Motor Yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

Temporary position. Duties included tender operations, anchoring and docking procedures, watchkeeping on passages, anchor watch, washdowns, detailing.

21st Apr 2022 - 30th May 2022 (1 month, 10 days)

  • Deckhand/Watchleader
  • on a 36m (118ft) Sailing Yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

Delivering Yacht from Jeddah to Palma. Standing watch as watch leader. Line handling, docking, anchoring, crane operations, polishing, teak, washdowns.

1st Dec 2021 - 30th Jan 2022 (1 month, 30 days)

  • Deckhand
  • on a 55m (180ft) Motor Yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

Deckhand during yard period and transit from Lisbon to La Rochelle via Gibraltar. Duties include docking and anchoring procedures, painting, rust repair, cleaning and general upkeep of vessel.


  • Entry Level Qualifications (or equivalent) STCW 95 (STCW 2010)
    ENG 1 (Medical Certificate)
    Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (A-VI/6-2)
    Drivers License
  • Master/Skipper Qualifications (or Merchant, USCG & AMSA equivalent) RYA Yachtmaster Offshore
  • RYA/MCA Deck Modules (OR Short Courses) RYA Yachtmaster Offshore - 5 Day Prep/Exam
  • Diving Qualifications (or Beesac, CMAS or PSAI equivalent) PADI - Master Instructor
  • STCW Modules (or Merchant, USCG & AMSA equivalent) Personal Survival Techniques (A-VI /1-1)
    Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (A-VI /1-2)
    Elementary First Aid (A-VI/1-3)
  • RYA Qualifications RYA Powerboat Level 2
    RYA VHF Marine Radio (SRC)
    RYA Radar
  • Specialised Diving Courses Underwater Navigator
    AWARE - Fish Identification
    Underwater Naturalist
    Sidemount Diver
    Search and Recovery Diver
    Peak Performance Buoyancy
    Night Diver
    Enriched Air Diver
    Emergency Oxygen Provider
    Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diver
    Deep Diver
    Wreck Diver
    Boat Diver
  • Education (or equivalent) A Level (grade A, B, C, D or E or NVQ level 3)

Deck Skills

Cleaning & Detailing Proficient
Painting Novice
General Repairs & Maintenance Novice
Crane Operation Novice
Line Handling Proficient
Tender Driving Proficient
Watchkeeping Very Good
Planned Maintenance Software System (e.g. IDEA, AMOS or TRITON etc) Novice

Engineering Skills

Diesel Engines Novice

Personal Trainer Skills

Boxing & Sparring Experience
Martial Arts (Tai Chi etc) Experience