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  • Member since 8th Oct 2015
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Personal Information

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  • Gender Male
  • Nationality British
  • Alcohol consumption Low
  • Willing to take a drug test Yes
  • Smoker No
  • Visible tattoos No
  • Criminal RecordNo


  • Marital Status Single
  • Looking to work as a couple No


  • English Fluent
  • French Fluent
  • Spanish Basic


  • Availability Unknown
  • Current country United Kingdom
  • Current location Falmouth

Passport & Visas




About & Hobbies

Hi, please see the video attached.

I am looking to continue my career with Chief Officer roles, I have a Master Unlimited COC and experience with vessels ranging from 56m to 156m.

I am dedicated and passionate about my work and take pride in completing tasks and teaching others. I provide longevity in any role. I am experienced in managing teams and enjoy providing motivation and support to the crew.

My hobbies include all kinds of water sports, however, I have a particular connection with Surfing, Spearfishing, Scuba Diving & Wakeboarding.

On land, I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures. I take care of my physical fitness, photography, and working on motorbikes.

I look forward to hearing from you.



10+ years professional yachting experience

Motor Extensive Professional
Sailing Extensive Recreational
Commercial Extensive Professional
Cruise Little Professional
Fishing Extensive Professional & Recreational
Research Considerable Professional
Expedition Considerable Professional
Charter Little Professional
Delivery Extensive Professional
New Builds Some Professional
Shipyards & Refits Extensive Professional

Detailed Experience

5th Jun 2019 - 16th Mar 2022 (2 years, 9 months)

  • 2nd Officer/Chief Officer
  • on a 89m (292ft) Motor Yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

INFINITY offers a personnel and tailored approach to service, always adapting to perform at the highest level and anticipating every move. Having performed in every officer role onboard as I dedicate myself to each responsibility, taking ownership and pride in fulfilling each task to the best of my ability. I have gained a confident and encouraging approach to running the team, motivating individuals and inter-department communications. My tasks are varied from organizing the deck team, bridge team, flag and classification surveys, recruitment, annual budgeting, refit project management, safety training, medical/security/safety officer, guest interaction and trip preparation.

20th Jun 2017 - 11th Apr 2019 (1 year, 9 months)

  • 3rd Officer
  • on a 150m+ (492ft) Motor Yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

Dilbar offers a high class service to exclusive guests, with incorporated shore side operations. As the bridge officer, the safety and navigation were crucial. The large departments onboard offered a great chance to provide a tailored training program at different levels. Passenger yacht category, with dynamic positioning, 8 tenders and a 28 strong deck department team, Dilbar provided me great experience and confidence in navigation, leading a team and achieving a goal.

26th Oct 2015 - 1st Jun 2017 (1 year, 7 months)

  • 2nd Officer
  • on a 56m (184ft) Expedition Vessel called Locked
  • for Locked

Al Shoua is the brains and the logistic operation behind the Amiri Fleet, a strong 14 vessel fleet catering for high royalty. As a dive support vessel with twin compressors, twin nitrox makers and dive recompression tank, she also has all specs of a support vessel with 4 tenders, 5 jet skis, Sea Bobs and watersport toys, also with luxury accommodation. Full ISM and SOLAS, I was solely in-charge of all navigational and safety equipment, confident leader with the ability to teach others with a passion and ran a full educational system for the deck department.

18th Aug 2015 - 9th Sep 2015 (23 days)

  • Mate/2nd Officer
  • on a 24m (79ft) yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

In charge of planning the cargo operations, personnel transfers and the deck team. Seacat Services offered the chance to take charge with my OOW Unlimited.

29th Jun 2015 - 21st Jul 2015 (23 days)

  • Mate/2nd Officer
  • on a 21m (69ft) yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

27th May 2015 - 18th Jun 2015 (23 days)

  • Mate/2nd Officer
  • on a 24m (79ft) yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

22nd Apr 2015 - 7th May 2014 (11 months, 16 days)

  • Mate/2nd Officer
  • on a 24m (79ft) yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

12th Apr 2014 - 17th Apr 2014 (6 days)

  • Deck Officer Cadet
  • on a 150m+ (492ft) yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

26th Jun 2013 - 22nd Feb 2014 (7 months, 28 days)

  • Deck Officer Cadet
  • on a 150m+ (492ft) yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

10th Feb 2012 - 22nd Jun 2012 (4 months, 13 days)

  • Deck Officer Cadet
  • on a 150m+ (492ft) yacht called Locked
  • for Locked


  • Entry Level Qualifications (or equivalent) STCW 95 (STCW 2010)
    ENG 1 (Medical)
    Proficiency in Security Awareness (A-VI/6)
    Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (A-VI/6-2)
    Drivers License
  • Master/Skipper Qualifications (or Merchant, USCG & AMSA equivalent) Reg II/2 CoC Master (Unlimited) / Class 1
  • RYA/MCA Deck Modules (OR Short Courses) PYA/MCA Training Record Book
    Navigation & Radar (OOW Yachts)
    General Ship Knowledge (OOW Yachts)
    Seamanship & Meteorology (Master Yachts)
    Celestial Navigation (Master Yachts)
    Stability (Master Yachts)
    Business & Law (Master Yachts)
    Navigation, Radar and ARPA (Master Yachts)
    Deck Cadet Foundation Degree Programme
    Officer of the Watch (HNC/SQA/Exam Route)
    Chief Mate (Post Foundation Degree Route)
    MCA CoC Officer of the Watch (Unlimited) - Oral Prep
    MCA CoC Chief Mate (Unlimited) - Oral Preparation
  • Instructor Qualifications RYA Windsurfing Instructor
    Watersports Instructor
  • Diving Qualifications (or Beesac, CMAS or PSAI equivalent) PADI - Open Water
    PADI - Advanced Open Water
  • Helideck Modules Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO)
  • STCW Modules (or Merchant, USCG & AMSA equivalent) Personal Survival Techniques (A-VI /1-1)
    Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques
    Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (A-VI /1-2)
    Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
    Elementary First Aid (A-VI/1-3)
    Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (A-VI/1-4)
    Efficient Deckhand (EDH)
    Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (A-VI/2 1-4)
    Updated Proficiency in SCRB (other than FRB)
    Human, Element, Leadership & Management (Operational)
    Human, Element, Leadership & Management (Management)
    GMDSS General Operators Certificate (GOC)
    GMDSS Long Range Certificate
    Electronic Chart Display (ECDIS)
    Advanced Fire Fighting (A-VI/3)
    Updated Advanced Fire Fighting
    Proficiency in Medical First Aid (A-VI/4 1-3)
    Proficiency in Medical Care
    Updated Proficiency in Medical Care
  • RYA Qualifications RYA Powerboat Level 2
    RYA Safety Boat
    RYA Level 1 (Start Sailing)
    RYA Day Sailing
    RYA Start Racing (dinghy)
    RYA Start Windsurfing
    RYA Intermediate Non-Planing (windsurfing)
    RYA Start Racing (windsurfing)
    RYA Advanced Racing (windsurfing)
  • Specialised Security Courses Proficiency as Ship Security Officer (SSO)
    Shipboard Safety Officer
  • Specialised Deck Courses Dynamic Positioning Induction Course
  • Specialised Diving Courses Night Diver
    Underwater Naturalist
    Underwater Videographer
    Boat Diver
    Wreck Diver
    Deep Diver
    Digital Underwater Photographer
    Drift Diver
    Dry Suit Diver
    Multilevel Diver

Deck Skills

Cleaning & Detailing Proficient
Painting Proficient
ISM/ ISPS Management & Procedures Proficient
Sail Repairs Novice
Varnishing Very Good
Filling & Fairing Experience
Rigging Novice
Whipping & Splicing Experience
Carpentry Novice
General Repairs & Maintenance Experience
Crane Operation Proficient
Line Handling Proficient
Tender Driving Proficient
Watchkeeping Proficient
Planned Maintenance Software System (e.g. IDEA, AMOS or TRITON etc) Proficient
Ship Security Proficient

Engineering Skills

Hydraulic Systems Experience
Generators & Alternators Very Good
Gearboxes Experience
Electrical Novice
Diesel Engines Experience
Mechanical Experience
Windlass & Winch Systems Very Good
Water Jet Propulsion (inc Jet skis) Very Good
Outboard Engines Experience

Propulsion Skills

Single Screw Proficient
Twin Screw Proficient
Water Jet Proficient
Azimut Drive (360° Rotation) Proficient
Zero Speed Stabiliser Proficient
Azipod Proficient