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  • Member since 4th Sep 2016
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Personal Information

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  • Gender Male
  • Nationality South African
  • Alcohol consumption None
  • Willing to take a drug test Yes
  • Smoker No
  • Visible tattoos No
  • Criminal RecordNo


  • Marital Status Single
  • Looking to work as a couple No


  • English Fluent
  • English Fluent
  • English Advanced


  • Availability Immediately
  • Current country South Africa
  • Current location Cape Town

Passport & Visas




About & Hobbies

Good day HOD/Captain/Representative/Management,

I truly appreciate your view in my resume with all legal papers ready to work I remain focused, passionate and a skilled Chef with vast experience in Events, Luxury House Hold Management levels, Private Super Yachts, Private Vessel Fleets, Galleys, Interiors and Chauffeur Driving with vehicles and power boats.

I have cooked for well over 500 guests and crew all together. I’ve worked with distinction alongside 10+ senior chefs, whereby I’ve obtained meticulous grooming standards. Leadership is one of my strengths, and I believe team work is powerful and effectively a need for success.

With multiple qualifications of industry interests across specialized operative areas. I’m too qualified in a particular set of skills such as International Cooks Qualifications, Project Management for Creative Projects, including Organization Communication, which together with my years of experience, enables me as an accomplished ideal candidate to help manage multiple areas over and above general leadership, cooking or deck-work. In all I remain humble and open to learning.

I do appreciate being considered for the position at hand as your professional career driven individual, whom will definitely push for higher levels of success within any organization I’m able to enter. With my entrusted level of management capabilities I’d utilize my knowledge by building on my existing skills as part of your great team/crew.

I remain consistently responsible and honest. I hereby persevere in faith to be your best possible solution for the role going forward.

It shall be absolutely great hearing from you. - A.D

From cooking daily enthusiastic dishes such as Banqueting, Mediterranean, Japanese, Indian, Classics, Baking and more with a creative flair. Thus whilst educating myself via ongoing experience, training, learning I consistently improve my skills and technics. Remaing physically fit is of priority to my wellbeing, but more importantly to the wellbeing of those I cook for and the organizations I work with.

It will be absolutely great to be your Chef/House Hold Estate Manager.


10+ years professional yachting experience

10+ years professional chef experience

10+ years professional hospitality experience

2 - 5 years professional sales & marketing experience

6 months - 1 year professional financial accounting experience

5+ years professional information technology (it) experience

2 - 5 years professional human resources & payroll (hr) experience

2 - 5 years professional administrative & clerical experience

5+ years professional security & operational experience

1 - 2 years professional technical & compliance experience

2 - 5 years professional project management (new build & refits) experience

0 - 6 months professional crew training experience

2 - 5 years professional management (ships & yachts) experience

6 months - 1 year professional yacht design & build experience

2 - 5 years professional crew placement experience

Motor Extensive Professional & Recreational
Sailing Extensive Professional
Commercial Extensive Professional
Cruise Considerable Professional
Fishing Extensive Professional
Research Extensive Professional
Expedition Extensive Professional
Charter Considerable Professional
Racing Extensive Professional
Delivery Considerable Professional
New Builds Extensive Professional
Shipyards & Refits Extensive Professional

Detailed Experience

27th Jan 2022 - 20th Apr 2022 (2 months, 25 days)

  • Latest Position as Crew Chef/Sole Chef
  • on a 57m (187ft) Motor Yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

57.3m MY Vector (World Wide Itinerary from prior 49.9m Motor Yacht Rocket 49.9m Private Super Yacht (France - British Flag) -Full on Crew Chef/Solo Chef (Duties Unlimited) -Managing entire galley department and cooking -Managing Food provisions and purchasing for all meals independently -Managing all daily menu meal plans and preparations -Managing all fresh produce, dry storage and cold storage daily -Managing daily cleanliness, maintenance requirements and improvements -Managing daily dietary needs and traditional requirements

1st Dec 2015 - 20th Apr 2022 (6 years, 4 months)

  • Seeking to continue as Professional Chef from being Chef on 49.9m Super Yacht in France, and prior
  • on a 68m (223ft) Motor Yacht called Locked

Professional Chef with 5+ years of experience included on Super Yachts and various fleet operating Vessels as well. Please View Resume for Exclusive Details Thank You Sincerely Yours,


  • Entry Level Qualifications (or equivalent) STCW 95 (STCW 2010)
    Updated STCW 95 (STCW 2010)
    ENG 1 (Medical Certificate)
    Proficiency in Security Awareness (A-VI/6)
    Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (A-VI/6-2)
    Drivers License
  • Master/Skipper Qualifications (or Merchant, USCG & AMSA equivalent) RYA Competent Crew
  • Culinary Qualifications (or equivalent) Certificate in Professional Cookery & Culinary Arts (4 weeks)
  • STCW Modules (or Merchant, USCG & AMSA equivalent) Personal Survival Techniques (A-VI /1-1)
    Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (A-VI /1-2)
    Elementary First Aid (A-VI/1-3)
    Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (A-VI/1-4)
    Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (A-VI/2 1-4)
    Fast Rescue Boat (FRB) Training
    Updated Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats
    Human, Element, Leadership & Management (Operational)
    Human, Element, Leadership & Management (Management)
    Advanced Fire Fighting (A-VI/3)
    Proficiency in Medical First Aid (A-VI/4 1-3)
    Updated Proficiency in Medical Care
  • RYA Qualifications RYA Powerboat Level 2
  • Food & Hygiene Qualifications Food Hygiene (HABC Level 2)
    Award Food Safety In Catering
    Ship's Cook Certificate
  • Maritime Training Academy (MTA) Diploma(s) & Short Courses (or equivalent) Superyacht Operations
    Maritime Firefighting
    Ship Security
    Boatyard and Marina Operations
  • Specialised Cookery Courses (or equivalent) Professional Culinary Course/ Diploma
    Yacht Chef Diploma/ Course
  • Specialised Security Courses Foreign Safety & Security Awareness (FSSA)
  • Education (or equivalent) Certificate of higher education (CertHE)/ NVQ level 4 or higher national certificate (HNC)
    Diploma of higher education (DipHE)/NVQ level 5 or higher national diploma (HND)
  • General Maritime Qualifications (or equivalent) Crisis Management Course

Deck Skills

Cleaning & Detailing Proficient
Painting Proficient
ISM/ ISPS Management & Procedures Very Good
Sail Repairs Very Good
Varnishing Proficient
Filling & Fairing Proficient
Rigging Proficient
Whipping & Splicing Proficient
Carpentry Proficient
General Repairs & Maintenance Proficient
Crane Operation Very Good
Sail Racing Very Good
Line Handling Proficient
Tender Driving Proficient
Watchkeeping Proficient

Interior Skills

Hospitality Proficient
Management Proficient
Provisioning Proficient
Accounting & Budgeting Proficient
Laundry Proficient
Silver Service Very Good
Detailing Proficient
Galley Assistance Proficient
Table Service & Settings Proficient
Child Care Proficient
Floristry (flower arrangement) Proficient
Mixology/ Cocktails Proficient
Wine Knowledge Proficient
Wardrobe Management Proficient
Barista & Hot Beverages Proficient
Tutor Proficient
Housekeeping Proficient
Hookah/ Shisha Services Proficient
Cigar Services Experience

Culinary Skills

French Proficient
German Proficient
Chinese Proficient
Pacific Rim Cuisine (asian, hawaii & california etc) Proficient
Nouvelle (new style) Proficient
Vegetarian (no meat) Proficient
Italian Proficient
Japanese Proficient
Indian Proficient
Middle Eastern Proficient
Caribbean Proficient
Healthy (low fat) Proficient
Diet(s) (e.g. atkins, raw food, paleo, flexitarian, slim world etc) Proficient
Greek Proficient
Mexican Proficient
Spanish Proficient
Fusion (mix of culinary traditions) Proficient
Kosher Proficient
Allergies Proficient
European Cuisine Proficient
Thai Proficient
Haute Cuisine (high level) Proficient
Note by Note (molecular gastronomy) Proficient
Vegan (no animal products) Proficient
African Cuisine Proficient
American Cuisine Proficient
Mediterranean Proficient
Oceanic Cuisine Proficient
Lebanese Proficient
Turkish Proficient
Vietnamese Proficient
Moroccan Proficient
Russian Proficient

Engineering Skills

Steering Gear Experience
AV & IT Proficient
Electro Hydraulic Controls Novice
Hydraulic Systems Novice
Generators & Alternators Experience
Gearboxes Very Good
Electrical Very Good
Water Treatment Experience
Water Makers Very Good
Air Conditioning Experience
Diesel Engines Very Good
Refrigeration Proficient
Mechanical Experience
Windlass & Winch Systems Experience
Water Jet Propulsion (inc Jet skis) Proficient
Outboard Engines Experience
Diesel Electric Novice
Wind Propulsion Experience
Gas Turbine Novice
Fuel Cell Systems Novice
Biodiesel Fuel Experience
Solar Power Very Good
Steam Turbine Experience
Gas Fuel or Tri Fuel Experience

Personal Trainer Skills

Nutrition & Diet Plans Proficient
Circuits Proficient
Weights Proficient
Boxing & Sparring Proficient
Martial Arts (Tai Chi etc) Very Good
Interval Training (Aerobics) Proficient
Cycling Proficient
Yoga Proficient
Pilates Proficient
Rowing Proficient
Swimming Proficient
Running (Cardio etc) Proficient

Beautician, Spa & Massage Skills

Aromatherapy Very Good
Hot Stone Very Good
Deep Tissue Proficient
Shiatsu Experience
Thai Very Good
Pregnancy (Prenatal) Novice
Reflexology Very Good
Sports Proficient
Indian Head Proficient

Propulsion Skills

Single Screw Proficient
Twin Screw Proficient
Single Screw (with Kort nozzle) Proficient
Twin Screw (with Kort nozzle) Proficient
Water Jet Proficient
Sail Power Proficient
Azimut Drive (360° Rotation) Proficient
Bow Thruster Proficient
Zero Speed Stabiliser Very Good
Azipod Proficient
Voith Schneider Very Good
Paddle-wheel Very Good

Legal Skills

Maritime & Shipping Proficient
Contract Proficient
Employment Proficient
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Proficient
Corporate Proficient
Human Rights Proficient

Financial Skills

Budget Management Experience
Operational Analysis Proficient
Strategic Management Proficient
Valuation Analysis Proficient

Yacht Management Skills

New Build Construction Proficient
Crew Placement (provision of personnel) Proficient
Design & Tendering Experience
Repair & Refit Proficient
Red Ensign Group Yacht Code (REG-YC) Experience
SOLAS (safety of life at sea) Proficient
Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) Proficient
COLREGS (rules of the road) Proficient
Maritime Safety Notices (MSN) Very Good
Charter Management Very Good
Crew Payroll Experience
Project Management Proficient
New Lead (client) Generation Proficient
Client Relationship Management (CRM) Proficient
Crew Employment (e.g. seafarers employment agreements, hours of rest, leave etc) Proficient
Designated Person Ashore (DPA) Very Good
International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS Code) Experience
Ship Security Plan (SSP) Experience
MARPOL (marine pollution) & SOPEP (ship oil pollution emergency plan) Very Good
Financial Management & Yacht Accounting Very Good
Garbage Management Proficient
Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) Experience
Large Yacht Code (LYC) Experience
Mini & Voluntary ISM Code Very Good
Emergency & Media Response (EMR) Proficient
Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) Experience

IT & Design Skills

3D Animation Very Good
Mobile Apps Proficient
Graphic Design Very Good
Microsoft Word Proficient
Microsoft Excel Proficient
Microsoft PowerPoint Proficient
Microsoft Outlook Proficient
Customer Point of Sale (POS) Software Proficient
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Proficient
Cloud Computing Very Good
Content Management Proficient
IT/ Customer Support Proficient
Information Systems Very Good
Data Administration Proficient
Data Analysis & Storage Proficient
Network Operations Very Good
Web Design Proficient
Web Development (HTML & other coding languages) Proficient
Content Management System (CMS) Proficient
Video & Content Production Proficient
Data Visualisation Very Good
CGI (computer generated imagery) Proficient
Word Press Proficient
2D Animation Very Good
3D Studio Max (software) Experience
Adobe Photoshop (software) Proficient
Prototyping Experience
Stop Motion (software) Experience

Admin & Clerical Skills

Analytical Proficient
Communication Proficient
Customer Service Proficient
Interpersonal Proficient
Teamworking Proficient
Problem Solving Proficient
Time Management (e.g planning) Proficient
Organisational Proficient

Yacht Design, Build & Refit Skills

Interior Design Proficient
Painter/ Sprayer Very Good
Assembler Experience
Naval Architecture Experience
Carpentry and Joinery Proficient
Metalwork and Welding Experience
Plumbing Experience
Project Management (planning, technical & scheduling) Proficient
Procurement & Logistics (e.g materials) Proficient
Quality Assurance Proficient
Risk Management Proficient
Stakeholder Management Proficient
Scope Change Management Proficient

Sales & Marketing Skills

Blogging Proficient
Digital Marketing (e.g. Adwords, Bing etc) Experience
Social Media Management (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc) Proficient
Content Marketing Very Good
Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation (SEM & SEO) Experience
Mobile Marketing Very Good
Email Marketing Experience
Paid Social Media Advertising (e.g. Facebook etc) Very Good
Sales (e.g. yacht) Proficient
Marketing Very Good
Copywriting & Editing Proficient
Event Marketing Very Good
Lead Generation & Prospecting (new clients) Very Good
Account Development Very Good
Account Management Very Good
Client Relations Proficient
Client Services Proficient
Cold Calling Experience
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Proficient
Enterprise Sales Very Good
Forecasting Experience
Sales Management Very Good
Sales Operations Very Good
Strategic Partnerships Very Good
Advertising & Brand Promotion Very Good

Human Resources (HR) Skills

Administrative Support Proficient
Compliance Experience
Employee Retention & Recruitment Experience
Talent Strategy Proficient
Employee Development & Training Proficient
Compensation & Benefits Experience
Employee Relations Experience
HR Operations Proficient