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  • Member since 28th Sep 2022
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Personal Information

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  • Gender Female
  • Nationality South African
  • Alcohol consumption Average
  • Willing to take a drug test Yes
  • Smoker No
  • Visible tattoos No
  • Criminal RecordNo


  • Marital Status Single
  • Looking to work as a couple No


  • English Advanced
  • Afrikaans Advanced


  • Availability Unknown
  • Current country South Africa
  • Current location South Africa

Passport & Visas




About & Hobbies

Having been fortunate to have had a long-standing, rewarding land-based career in the service, hospitality, and catering industry, I am in pursuit of a long-term opportunity for career advancement, skills challenge, and personal growth in the yachting industry. Being well acquainted with the demands, long hours, and remoteness of the industry, I am excited to embark on my career journey in this niche, high-standard international arena with its challenges and cultural diversity.

I am high-spirited, optimistic, good humoured, energetic, and good-natured yet excitedly devoted to achieving outstanding results aimed to exceed expectations. Being in the service of people is my calling and I find gratitude in successful outcomes of high standard. An epicurean by nature, I am passionate about culinary art, music, people, cultural diversity, stories, and adventure.

Although I am self-motivated, disciplined, able to perform well under pressure and unsupervised, I am equally capable to collaborate in teams and endeavour to inspire by virtue of example; after all - teamwork makes the dream work! I am happy to fulfil combined roles and to be of service wherever my assistance is needed across departments.

Multiple seabound cruises have previously proven my sea legs to be steady. I am excited to start my career in yachting and have unwavering faith that the best is yet to come!

In my free time, I am keen to experience with recipes and culinary techniques, read, play the guitar and participate in outdoor and sporting activities - especially horseback riding. I maintain overall health and balance by following a wholesome, no-fuss, healthy diet, and practice yoga for physical wellness.


0 - 6 months professional yachting experience

10+ years professional chef experience

Motor Some Recreational
Sailing Little Recreational
Cruise Extensive Recreational
Fishing Extensive Recreational
Expedition Some Recreational
Charter Considerable Recreational


  • Entry Level Qualifications (or equivalent) STCW 95 (STCW 2010)
    ENG 1 (Medical Certificate)
    Proficiency in Security Awareness (A-VI/6)
  • G.U.E.S.T Program - Interior Qualifications (or equivalent) G.U.E.S.T I Introduction CoC Yacht Junior Steward(ess)
  • G.U.E.S.T Program - Wine & Spirit Modules (or equivalent) G.U.E.S.T Wine, Bartending and Mixology Introduction (unit 03)
  • Food & Hygiene Qualifications Food Hygiene (HABC Level 2)

Interior Skills

Hospitality Proficient
Management Proficient
Provisioning Proficient
Accounting & Budgeting Proficient
Laundry Proficient
Silver Service Very Good
Detailing Very Good
Galley Assistance Proficient
Table Service & Settings Proficient
Child Care Proficient
Floristry (flower arrangement) Very Good
Sewing/Seamtress/Tailoring Novice
Mixology/ Cocktails Proficient
Wine Knowledge Proficient
Wardrobe Management Proficient
Barista & Hot Beverages Proficient
Tutor Very Good
Housekeeping Proficient
Cigar Services Experience

Culinary Skills

French Very Good
German Very Good
Chinese Experience
Pacific Rim Cuisine (asian, hawaii & california etc) Experience
Nouvelle (new style) Very Good
Vegetarian (no meat) Proficient
Italian Very Good
Japanese Experience
Indian Very Good
Middle Eastern Very Good
Caribbean Experience
Healthy (low fat) Proficient
Diet(s) (e.g. atkins, raw food, paleo, flexitarian, slim world etc) Proficient
Greek Proficient
Mexican Very Good
Spanish Very Good
Fusion (mix of culinary traditions) Proficient
Kosher Very Good
Allergies Proficient
European Cuisine Very Good
Thai Very Good
Haute Cuisine (high level) Very Good
Note by Note (molecular gastronomy) Experience
Vegan (no animal products) Proficient
African Cuisine Proficient
American Cuisine Proficient
Mediterranean Proficient
Oceanic Cuisine Very Good
Lebanese Very Good
Turkish Very Good
Vietnamese Novice
Moroccan Very Good
Russian Experience