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  • Member since 7th May 2015
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Personal Information

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  • Gender Male
  • Nationality Israeli
  • Alcohol consumption Low
  • Willing to take a drug test Yes
  • Smoker No
  • Visible tattoos No
  • Criminal RecordNo


  • Marital Status Single
  • Looking to work as a couple Ideally


  • English Fluent
  • French Fluent
  • Arabic Fluent


  • Availability Within 1 Week
  • Current country France
  • Current location Cannes

Passport & Visas




About & Hobbies

I am an experienced head chef looking for a similar position on a motor yacht. I spent 4 years studying food and beverage management and culinary arts at the University of “Lyon3” and institute Paul BOCUSE in France. I have 8 years experience working, on super yachts over seven years of experience working as a chef and a year in well known restaurants in Paris, Lyon, Cannes and Israel. During my years of education I worked at the restaurant \\"Crillon\\" hotel in Concorde Place and in \\"Crillon\\" in Port Maillot, Paris and both a Three-Michelin star.

I am now 33 years old. Being a Chef is my life. I am a passionate about food - when I was 18 years old I was very happy to get my first position as a chef in a very famous restaurant in Israel. At the age of 24, I was already a Head Chef at \\\"Harem\\\" restaurant in Cannes and the youngest in the kitchen with a brigade of 4 chefs working under me and 10 wait staff. I speak  four languages ,and fluent in both writing and speaking. Guest relations and teamwork for me always come easy maybe because I’m bubbly,friendly and approachable by nature.

I have a very good knowledge in “healthy\\" and organic food. I can cook various dishes like Mediterranean Cuisine that includes French, Lebanese, Italian,Arabic, Moroccan and a whole lot more. In Asian cuisine I also cook in variety but my specialty is all sorts of sushi delights hot and cold,I also do trendy Fusion, Kosher, Dukhan and other several fad diets. Moreover, sweet treats,desserts and bakes adds to my expertise as well.

OBJECTIVE : As a seasoned Chef, who has studied and lived in France for the past 15 years, I aim to hold a top position on a yacht where I can use my initiative and experience to make a variety of quality dishes utilizing the techniques and methods I have learnt. I love working on yacht and enjoy challenging job and would like to experience and grow more in my career. I am also happy to teach and mentor junior chefs as well


10+ years professional yachting experience

10+ years professional chef experience

Motor Extensive Recreational
Sailing Some Recreational
Commercial Little Recreational
Cruise Little Recreational
Fishing Little Recreational
Research Little Recreational
Expedition Extensive Recreational
Charter Extensive Professional
Racing Little Recreational
Delivery Little Recreational
New Builds
Shipyards & Refits

Detailed Experience

1st Apr 2014 - 1st Apr 2015 (1 year)

  • Chef
  • on a 44m (144ft) yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

4th Apr 2011 - 10th May 2013 (2 years, 1 month)

  • Chef
  • on a 40m (131ft) yacht called Locked
  • for Locked

2nd May 2007 - Present (15 years, 8 months)

  • chef
  • on a 40m (131ft) yacht called Locked

7th Aug 2006 - 30th Jun 2010 (3 years, 10 months)

  • Chef
  • on a 50m (164ft) yacht called Locked
  • for Locked


  • Entry Level Qualifications (or equivalent) STCW 95 (STCW 2010)
    Updated STCW 95 (STCW 2010)
    ENG 1 (Medical Certificate)
    ENG 1 (Medical Certificate WITH Limitation/Restrictions)
    Proficiency in Security Awareness (A-VI/6)
    Drivers License
  • Diving Qualifications (or Beesac, CMAS or PSAI equivalent) PADI - Open Water
  • G.U.E.S.T Program - Interior Qualifications (or equivalent) G.U.E.S.T III Management CoC Yacht Chief Steward(ess)
    G.U.E.S.T IV Purser CoC Yacht Chief Steward(ess)
  • Culinary Qualifications (or equivalent) Certificate in Professional Cookery & Culinary Arts (4 weeks)
    Intermediate Culinary Diploma (6 months)
    Professional Culinary Diploma (6 mths - 2 years+)
  • STCW Modules (or Merchant, USCG & AMSA equivalent) Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques
    Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (A-VI /1-2)
    Elementary First Aid (A-VI/1-3)
    Efficient Deckhand (EDH)
    Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (A-VI/2 1-4)
    Human, Element, Leadership & Management (Management)
    Advanced Fire Fighting (A-VI/3)
    Proficiency in Medical First Aid (A-VI/4 1-3)
  • RYA Qualifications RYA Sea Survival
    RYA First Aid
  • G.U.E.S.T Program - Interior Modules G.U.E.S.T Advanced Housekeeping (unit 08)
    G.U.E.S.T/ IAMI Advanced Leadership (unit 22)
  • G.U.E.S.T Program - Wine & Spirit Modules (or equivalent) G.U.E.S.T Advanced Wine Appreciation 1 (unit 12)
    G.U.E.S.T Advanced Wine Appreciation 2 (unit 13)
  • Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET ®) Qualifications WSET Award in Wines Level 3
    WSET Award in Spirits Level 2
    Master Somelier
  • Specialised Interior Qualifications & Courses (or equivalent) Introduction to International Safety Management (ISM)
    Crisis Management & Human Behaviour
    Certified Accountant (or accounting/budgeting course)
    Hotel Management (operations) Course
    Hospitality Course (e.g hotel, estates, resorts & luxury yachts)
    Formal Butler & Valet Training
    Silver Service Course
    Barista & Hot Beverages Course
    Cocktails & Mixology Course
    Certified Sommelier Course
  • Food & Hygiene Qualifications Food Hygiene (HABC Level 2)
    Food Hygiene (HABC Level 3)
    UKHSE Management of Food Safety in Catering
    Award Food Safety In Catering
    Award Supervising Food Safety in Catering
    Managing Food Safety in Catering
  • Maritime Training Academy (MTA) Diploma(s) & Short Courses (or equivalent) Marine Incident Investigation
    Marine Insurance Claims
    Maritime Emergency Prepartion & Response
    Maritime Law
    Health and Safety in Ship Operations
    Maritime Firefighting
    Offshore Operations
    Introduction to Port State Inspections
    Port State Control
    Introduction to Ship Surveying
    Introduction to the ISM Code
    Introduction to the Superyacht Industry
    LNG Shipping
  • Specialised Cookery Courses (or equivalent) Professional Culinary Course/ Diploma
    Modern Gastronomy Diploma/ Course
    Professional Patisserie & Confectionary Diploma/ Course
    Professional Pastry Diploma/ Course
    Hospitality Management and Advanced Food Science (Chef Academy London)
    Michelin Star Chef Course (Chef Academy London)
    Kosher Professional Chef Course (Chef Academy London)
    Halal Advanced Professional Chef Course (Chef Academy London)
    Professional Chef Course - Italian (Chef Academy London)
    Professional Patisserie & Confectionary Course (Chef Academy London)
    Introduction to the Professional Chef Course (Chef Academy London)
    Advanced Cooking Techniques (Chef Academy London)
    Intensive Professional Pastry Programme (Chef Academy London)
    Advanced Cookery Week (Ashburton Cookery School)
    Chocolate Making (Ashburton Cookery School)
    Christmas Baking (Ashburton Cookery School)
    Christmas Breadmaking (Ashburton Cookery School)
    Christmas Canapes - Half Day (Ashburton Cookery School)
    Christmas Chocolates (Ashburton Cookery School)
    Dinner Parties (Ashburton Cookery School)
    Fish & Seafood Plus (Ashburton Cookery School)
    French Bistro (Ashburton Cookery School)
    Sushi - Half-Day (Ashburton Cookery School)
  • Worldchefs/ PYA Culinary Qualifications Worldchefs/ PYA Certified Chef de Cuisine (Yacht Chef Award Level 3)
  • Education (or equivalent) Degree with honours (BA or BSc)/ NVQ level 6 or graduate diploma/ certificate
  • Marketing Qualifications (CIM or equivalent) Diploma in Professional Marketing Level 6
  • Financial Qualifications (or equivalent) CIMA Business Finance Award (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)
  • General Maritime Qualifications (or equivalent) Interior Design & Architecture (course or qualification)
  • Human Resources Qualifications (CIPD or equivalent) Diploma in Human Resource Management (Level 5)
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA England or equivalent)

Interior Skills

Hospitality Proficient
Management Proficient
Provisioning Proficient
Accounting & Budgeting Proficient
Laundry Very Good
Silver Service Proficient
Detailing Proficient
Galley Assistance Proficient
Table Service & Settings Proficient
Child Care Novice
Floristry (flower arrangement) Experience
Sewing/Seamtress/Tailoring Novice
Mixology/ Cocktails Experience
Wine Knowledge Very Good
Wardrobe Management Novice
Barista & Hot Beverages Very Good
Tutor Experience

Culinary Skills

French Proficient
German Novice
Chinese Experience
Pacific Rim Cuisine (asian, hawaii & california etc) Very Good
Nouvelle (new style) Proficient
Vegetarian (no meat) Proficient
Italian Very Good
Japanese Very Good
Indian Experience
Middle Eastern Proficient
Caribbean Very Good
Healthy (low fat) Proficient
Diet(s) (e.g. atkins, raw food, paleo, flexitarian, slim world etc) Proficient
Greek Novice
Mexican Experience
Spanish Experience
Fusion (mix of culinary traditions) Proficient
Kosher Proficient
Allergies Very Good
European Cuisine Very Good
Thai Experience
Haute Cuisine (high level) Proficient
Note by Note (molecular gastronomy) Experience
Vegan (no animal products) Proficient
African Cuisine Novice
American Cuisine Very Good
Oceanic Cuisine Novice
Lebanese Proficient
Turkish Very Good
Vietnamese Experience
Moroccan Experience
Russian Experience