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Sole Chef in United States


  • Start Date: 7th Nov 2018
  • Job ID #632181
  • Posted by: Captain

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I am seeking a Chef for a Private 142’ Motoryacht. This position is aboard a Kosher boat. In the galley there is two of everything including dishwashers. You must be knowledgeable about Kosher practice. ALL FOOD SERVED IS KOSHER. This means everything that the chef buys, prepares, and serves must be labeled ‘Kosher’. It is up to the chef to work with the interior team to ensure things remain in order.

The owner is married with two daughters. His parents are frequent guests, as are his business partners, their spouses, and their children. The owner’s parents are very strict with their Kosher practice, and everyone aboard abides by their rules. The owner’s mother loves to cook, and spends a fair amount of time in the galley with the chef “helping” to prepare meals when she is aboard. It takes a certain, patient, personality type to accept her presence, as well as her guidance in the galley. If ever there is a question about Kosher practice, or the Jewish religion she is happy to educate anyone.

The vessel is crewed by a diverse group of 9. A Captain, First Officer, Engineer, Chef, Chief Stewardess, two, sometimes three additional interior crew, and a deckhand.

We are based in Fort Lauderdale with trips to Miami and Nassau, Bahamas planned throughout the season. The owners typically use the boat once a month throughout the winter. In the summer the boat is based in New Jersey where the owner uses it on weekends either in Atlantic City, docked at the Golden Nugget Casino or in Sag Harbor, NY at the Waterfront Marina. During the week we are based at Liberty Landing immediately across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

In addition to a Kosher boat, this vessel is also a “dry” boat for the crew. This means absolutely no consumption of alcohol aboard is allowed. If you choose to consume alcohol you may do so ashore. However, Do Not return to the vessel intoxicated. If you must get drunk, stay elsewhere, and do not come back to the boat until you are fully sober, and capable of reporting for duty. Use of illicit drugs is grounds for immediate dismissal.

The owner is taking delivery of a brand new 50-meter Christensen in late winter. Once the new boat is commissioned, it is expected that the chef will travel with the owner between the two boats.

The owner made his money through hard work and determination, a trait he appreciates in those around him. A sense of value, and fiscal prudence is expected in the operation of his yacht. He will provide what is needed to maintain the vessel, but wants to know that his money is not wasted.

I schedule regular time off for the crew, including industry-standard holidays. When we are without guests aboard a normal workday starts at 0800am. The day concludes at 1630 or thereabout depending on what tasks require completion.

Guest Meals: Breakfast is made to order – plated and usually served on the aft-deck. Fruit, cereal and baked goods are placed on the table for guests to help themselves. Lunch varies, as does dinner. Sometimes they will go off the boat to eat. Other times it will be an impromptu request for a sandwich or other simple meal. When there is a sit-down meal we usually know in advance. Dinner aboard can be on either the main deck or bridge deck outside. Shabbat dinner is always in the dining room, and is typically held when the owner’s parents are aboard. Preference sheets as well as input from the owner and his guests are readily available.

Equipment – The boat is fully stocked. If there is something you need that isn’t present or functional we can discuss it and purchase as needed.

Owner’s sister is lactose intolerant, her son is gluten free. They are not aboard very often.


  • Vessel Size43m (141ft)
  • Vessel TypeMotor Yacht
  • Charter/PrivatePrivate
  • Position TypePermanent Position
  • Current LocationUnited States, Fort Lauderdale
  • Cruising ItineraryLocal Area
  • HomeportUnited States, Fort Lauderdale
  • Number of Crew9
  • Yachting Experience1 - 2 years
  • Chef Experience1 - 2 years
  • Posted 7th Nov 2018 by Captain

Language & Visas

  • English Fluent
  • VisasB1/B2
    Green Card


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